DB Cooper's Apple Fritter clones

Thanks for the links @Jake3 I was close to buying those same pot risers from my hydro store. I ended up taking a sawsall to a milk crate instead. You can’t tell from the pictures but I have them at the bottom of the pot. I have run out of room on all but my last grow. On that I still had to ditch the rope ratchets and hang the light off the top bar of the tent.
I was going to put a second layer of milk crate under the pot before I installed the net, but I completely forgot. Hey hey what can I say, am a pothead after all :woozy_face:
I have been using a shop vac to remove the runoff. I read about using the syringe from the hellraiser threads seemed to time consuming and tedious for me.
@pillsbury that is a great idea! I’ll have to keep an eye out to scavenge something similar.


Update I am now 9 days into the flip and the stretch is on!

I ran 4 gallons of feed instead of my usual three. Between the two plants I ended up with about one and a half gallons of runoff. With the high pH I was having I wanted to see if the extra water would bring down my ph. It hasn’t. I am still at 6.8 to 6.9 now after taking several readings in between sucking up the runoff.

I’m thinking I will add some of the lumina I got with the tribus Black Friday deal to try to get the pH lower… Unless someone knows a better way.

I’ve been watering the clones about every day but still not seeing any roots. I’m doing the best I can giving them only the 12 hours of light. I’ve still left some bottom branches I would have already cut off in case the clones don’t make it.
I had expected to be done with the clones by now, but the weather has been absolutely horrible in my area. I’m doubt they would make it if they were planted right now.


All the girls have exploded


Thanks, @SilvaBack203 They really have, the black wire you see down the middle is the temperature humidity probe for the AC Infinity fan and I set it to the top of the canopy. It helps to give me a gauge on how much they’re growing every day.


Filled that tent out!! Hell yea brother :beers:

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I really am enjoying the results from the scrog net. Using two different apps my DLI ranges from 45 to 25. Sp3000 is set to 17 in height and one notch past 75%.

Does this sound right for this part of the stretch? I’m slowly moving it up every day to 100% my thinking is it more represents natural daylight and doesn’t shock the plant by putting it to 100% too quickly.

Should I just put it all the way to 100% and adjust the height to reduce the stretch amount? I don’t have that much more height to go in the tent.


Great idea on that


You can definitely crank it up. And lower it actually. You might not want to do that all at once though. Im pushing my 2 girls pretty hard right now with the SP3000. Posting pics now.


Ladys look good and happy! That ph is a little high but theey seem to be ok for now. Yeah when flushing you neeed 3x the post size of water to even touch the ph and adjust it. So for 5 gallon pot 15gallons of water


So 13 days into flip the stretch continues and the plants are looking good. I’m starting to get pistols and pre flowers. pH still remains at the same level. I am trying to avoid doing a full flush. Things are going so well right now I don’t want to lose all the mojo.
If it gets any higher I will probably end up getting the product from home Depot to get the pH down.


Beautiful my friend! You gonna trim any of that stuff below the scrog?? Help her use the eneger for the bigger buds up top


Your girls are looking amazing man


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Those girls are looking very healthy and happy. Are you sure your pH pen is calibrated and holding calibration?

That is more or less what I’ve been trying to do. This is been my best looking grow so far so I don’t want to do a flush if it’s not really necessary. So far the pH is stayed where it is and maybe gone down a tenth of a point lower so as long as it stays below 7 I think I’ll try to ride that out for the next 6 weeks.
I have pistols and buds starting already and this is encouraging because timeline wise it’s earlier than what I’ve experienced before. I don’t have any good close-up pics, maybe tomorrow. I’ve been really busy lately.

So I fed my plants as I would my normal schedule only Saturday morning instead of afternoon. When I came home from work on Monday the plants were very thirsty and Droopy. I guess the extra 10 hours between watering makes a difference in this coco based medium I’m still trying to figure it out. No doubt about it the plants are a whole lot thirstier now.
Thirsty droopy pic

One day later the plants look much improved

I have gladly given away the clones. I could only see roots on the sides of the cups of one of the first cuttings that I took. The weather is finally gotten nice in my area so they should do well once they get planted.
They were starting to flower even though I couldn’t see any roots.
@ConcreteBudz I was holding off on defoliating some of the lower stems in case the clones didn’t root. Turns out nobody wanted them and I do know I should have defoliated them a couple weeks ago was trying to help people. I did a decent amount of bottom default but we’ll finish up tomorrow. I didn’t want to do it on Monday because the plant was already stressed from being underwatered.


Beautiful grow , happy cakeday :boom::tada::confetti_ball: