Daytime/night time temps

So say my day temp should be @78° and the night temp is @65°. What if I run the lights 24/7?

Then ur temps would stay around 78. If u run 24 hours it will stay warm. Its good to give them off time tho, they need rest too. I only run 24/7 lights for clones or seedling less than 2 or 3 weeks old.

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Cool, …yeah they are 2 1/2 week old clones so I’m running 4 1000 watt MH’s 24/7 but close to going to 18 on 6 off… I suppose that’s when I’ll need a controller for day and night temps… and humidity

Temperatures are good, I wouldn’t mess with it

Just to clarify, u are running 4 1000w lights for clones?

I’m running 4000 watts with a 100 sqft canopy… so that’s only 40 watts per square foot… the clones were well rooted under fluorescent prior to the hid…

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