Daylight savings

So thinking dont have to worry about it since i gained an hour but wasnt planning on changing my timer I got my lights on. I guess probably should just got an old one and feel like i might mess it up… first grow about 1 month since i flipped to 12/12 lights… hate to mess it up now for fear of asking a dumb question thanks in advance :exploding_head::ok_hand::v:


I just leave mine lights as they are at the time. It might be worth it to adjust for DST if the time change interferes with the times you usually tend to the plant.

The plant doesn’t know the difference.


@Iojol @MidwestGuy good day to y’all, I went ahead and changed mine last night, it gave them an extra hour of dark, but if I don’t keep timers and clocks the same I will be opened the door at the wrong time. Getting old and forgetful :thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Right now they got an extra hour of light … so yea lighta just went off… if it was loosing an hour and on the night side id have to worry i guess… this is nice get to see them 1 hour earlier… I keep my girls up all night let them sleep all day


The government or whoever is in charge is doing away with daylight savings time in 2023 and Arizona and Hawaii already don’t change there clocks. I never change my timers and next year you won’t have to either. BTW I’m in New York. So anything that will go outside get the same light cycle as the sun in April and everything that will stay inside gets there own cycle. My timer turns them off and on while I’m sleeping or right before I go to bed so I don’t really worry about it…


Nice looking plants, I never change my timer For daylight saving. It just puts me an hour earlier or hour later feeding or watering no big deal. Good luck :v:


I don’t change it either. I figure the sun stays the same.
But I see that in some circumstances a timer change might be needed. If my work schedule would routinely cause me to have to do thing in the dark then a change would be needed.
Doing a timer change wouldn’t do any harm either. Just rotate the dial for mine.