Daylight Savings Time...what if you have to move the time on your timers?


What happens if you had your timers set for the right time then, Daylight Savings Time happens? How do I readjust my timers to be correct again?


I just spun them forward an hour when lights were due to come on


So, you gave them sn extra hr of dark and adjusted them that way?

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They actually lost an hour of dark this round


But when I change in fall they will lose an hour of light


I dnt think plants are worrulied about the time change. Just turn ur timer to reset where u want it and continue on. An hour either way is just a hiccup, wont hurt them one time.

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Flower tent I give them an extra hour of dark. Veg tent I give them an extra hour of light.


I don’t change mine. Regardless if it’s Daylight Savings or not. Veg 6/2. Flower 12/12.

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