Day night temps?


So while I am waiting on my seeds to come. I have been reading about day and night temps. I bought a temp controlled outlet so can set a temp. I going have setup in basement which gets to about 60f which what I am reading is to low for night. If I set my temp to 74f with a swing of 3 degrees each way. So what I am thinking that day will be on higher side of 74* and night temps on lower side of 74*. Is this going to be enough of a swing for day and night temps?


My temps have been ranging from mid to upper 70s sometimes 80 and lows of low 60s and mine have been fine . They even say they lower temps at night to help build trichs . It plant makes more resins to protect itself from the cold .


Set to 72 with a 5-degree swing each way

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Thanks! I really appreciate the information and time you take to answer my questions. I know some have been asked before but never seem to find exactly what I am looking for in the search.


optimum is mid 70’s 76f daytime and 67 night the idea is have close to 10f swing between day and night this will bring out your colours and give you best growth rates