Day by day more and more leaves are becoming infected

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

issue is…

have a hydro set up of
-grow tent 4x4x8

  • small fan ducting in cool ac temps, 72 f during day/ 68f at night
    1000 watt LED full spectruim with ir and uv on a 18/6 light schedule
    10 gal tubs with 6 gal water in each with a factory 4 split topfin 8000 air pump (made for (170 gal tank)
    General Hydroponics 3 system nutrients set on aggresive veg growth mixture
    ph of 5.6-6.1 (fluxs over night to the higher end 6.1)

Gorilla Glue strain
they was started off in a aero garden and was awesome, picture perfect. Tho got a lil root rot started from old debris left in it from years ago, caught it early and cut the roots back (which came in new root growth quick and white) . moved them to tent and LED light after and they did great, bout 2 weeks later started getting this weird thing going on in the leaves, ill include pictures, tho they are growing pretty good, seems to be effecting new leaves aswell as old. Ive talked to a lot of personal friends about this and they have seen it before, but only affecting 2-3 leaves, not 3 plants and 80% of their leaves. Nor does anyone seem to know whats causing it. I thought maybe a boron def, but unless the stress from cutting roots back a month ago is still affecting it i dont see how it could be any defficincy. ill include pictures. day by day more and more leaves are becoming infected it seems.

It may not be a Def mabey a tox with as aggressive as you are feeding. Altho I would expect to see a little bit of nute burn which I dont.

What is your rh running

rh- real humidity?
i havent checked humidity, picking up a meter hopefully today in town when i go. bout the only thing i dont have at the moment :frowning:

Relative humidity, rh it’s all good but real high humidity can cause some leaf issues

just off top of my head id say it be lower then higher, i have the tent air condition ducked and it stays around 68-74 in there at all times. Doing hvac for 25 years main principle on heating is it add moisture/ humidity to gain heat (unless its a dry heat source aka wood stove or fuel furnace) and a/c takes humidity out (reason a heat pump a/c puts out so much drain water in summer) but honestly im not sure what is it till i pick up a guage later today.

i was thinking over nutrients, but as you mentioned, no nutrient burn signs, only realllly green leaves. someone else mentioned last night to me stem/ root crown rott. never experianced that before but when checking the stem base and the root crown, they looked (to me) fairly healthy

I was reading through some older posts and notification and came back across your thread. How’s everything progressing sense it’s been a few weeks

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HI HI, thank you for thinking of me! Things has flipped around, Im thinking it was to harsh of a dosage of nutrients (only thing i can seem to put a finger on that was changed between now and then, they have gotten bushy, 3 foot wide
canapy on each of the three plants, and about 16 inchs tall, started the 12/12 cycle 3 days ago. They was Regular Gorilla Glue seeds so im just hoping they are females, Havent seen no signs of either or yet, but should know soon :slight_smile:

Too much light. That’s why the leaves look wrinkly. Maybe try to dim your light a bit, or back it off slightly

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They look good
Try this program it helped me “As always go for the lite side of what it tells you”

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That’s good I’m glad you got everything figured out for now. they look good


Light was sitting at factory recommended 24 inchs, But i did at the time back it off to 30 inchs, This is my first time useing LED, Always used MH/HPS in past grows. I got this light for 89 bucks on amazon, h&grow 1000 watt triple 15 watt leds, 3 yr warranty. Grant it i dont know the back of my rear side when it comes to LED, I figured it would be trash, but has really been impressive and has done great in this grow.

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Its been a battle with this grow lol, nothing like the past few, i started them in a aero garden just to test how it would germinate canabis seeds, It did great, but not being light sealed as tight as my tubs they came down with root rot very young, i snipped all the roots off them sticking out of the sero garden cones, dipped them in boiling water, and reset them in my main tubs, figuring they would die from the boiling water dip, they didnt and came back strong, then the leaf issue hit and never saw that type wrinkling in any past grow and used aggressive mix on all the past, it may have been the light was too close due to the power of the light im useing, i dunno, dont know much bout LED, first timer there lol

i do much appriciate you thinking to check back in my man

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Anytime brother, if you have any questions just tag me

will do, ill post a update a few weeks into flower also,

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I get root problem every time with my seedlings " Dbl hydroguard no help" they just grow out of it and by the time they flower root are filling bottom of a 5 gal bucket . Sick with the game

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