Day 89- leaves are dead or dying so should I chop?

Here is my white widow autoflower. It is my first grow and I ran into all sorts of issues with watering and nutrients . That being said, she made it this far.

Viparspectra 300w. Started in fox farm happy frog. Supplemented with granules of happy frog all purpose and also Jobes tomato and veg nutrients during grow. Occasionally watered with molasses water. Humidity 50-60%. Temps 75-80F. Never tested ph so I will do that going forward. Leaves started dying off in a serious way around day 65. I think I could have benefited from some Epsom salts and maybe coffee.

That being said, trichs a look like they need a. It but plants doesn’t seem to have much left to give. Do I let her go another week or chop her now?


Looks a bit early to me. Leaves will start to get robbed for nutrients at the end so having some going yellow is normal. The tricombs are the key. Look at them on the bud and decide that way.

20% amber gives more body stone vs. a head high.
I see mostly clear.


I am with @Reticence, you have a bit further to go. Maybe as much as two weeks.


Yeah I’m with everyone here. Hold off. Its not ready. You should also invest in a good PH meter before the next grow. They help. Also measure the ph of the run off. Better to be sure of what they might need than to guess at what they need. All the big shade leaves on my Bruce Banners are yellowing as the plants don’t need them anymore and I’m about 9 weeks into flowering. Very common. All the smaller leaves around the buds nice and green so plant still doing good. Just part of its life cycle. Your doing fine.


I think I see a consensus building here. Thank you!

It’s both exciting and a learning experience for me.


What are the effects, if you pull when clear?

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All head high that doesn’t last as long.


@Familyman, wheres the middle?

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I aim for almost all cloudy, with about 10% amber.
I flush and prepare for harvest when I first spot amber, then it’s usually about 2 weeks before they’re perfect for me.

Your plant has more to give. I’ve seen much worse. Great job. That cola looks fat.


Ha! Thanks Dank for the comment on that cola, there is one in the bunch that is getting fat!

I expect it to swell more.


beware of using un-composted coffee…:stop_sign:


What are the negatives of uncomposted coffee?I have looked but haven’t found besides possible mold. I have read also diluted leftover liquid coffee is ok as well.

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have a Google …

You can put alot of weight on those buds in the final 2 weeks.


I’d like to thank everyone. The assist in patience is great. It has been the hardest thing for me on the grow as a whole. From waiting to water to waiting to chop. Still waiting for a couple weeks it seems. I will keep checking the trichomes every few days and watch for around 20% ambers.

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keep the fan on them and prepare for nirvana

This whole process is a test in patience IMO
#1 Wait for seeds to arrive
#2 Wait for seeds to germinate
#3 Wait for seeds to emerge
#4 Wait for seedlings to make leaves
#5 Wait for plants grow
#6 Wait for white pistils to appear
#7 Wait for buds to form
#8 Wait for triches to appear
#9 Wait for pistils to change color
#10 Wait for triches to turn cloudy
#11 Wait for buds to dry
#12 Wait for buds to cure
#13 Wait for buzz to hit!
In summary, wait, wait, and wait some more…


Sorry got tied up! :slight_smile:
@Familyman is correct. Too early and you get a short head high. On top of that the buds have probably not developed as large as they would have if you had waited.
I shoot for ~20% Amber colored. Go too far toward amber and the THC starts to degrade.
If I’m being perfectly honest, I sort of go with my gut. (Not to mention whether or not I feel like trimming that day!! I always wet trim).


The overall health of the plant helps me decided too. Sometimes the plant just runs out of gas.

All cloudy with about 10% Amber. Which is how I like mine.

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