Day 8. Do y’all see any problems? New at this. Always on panic. Thanks

OG kush, Purple Thai, Frosty Watermelon, Skywalker OG… All AutoFlower, Today is Day 8…

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They are doing great we all tend to worry a little to much😁,


there looking good.

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Thanks y’all. First go around. I appreciate this community


Just lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Looking good. One looks like a 3 cotyledon mutant.


Yes I was wondering about that. What will happen with that one? Thanks again

Nothing, she’ll be an interesting grow. Some others here have the same mutation going right now.

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Ok cool . I got pics y’all. Day 9. Yesterday I fed them nutes for first time. Happy Frog medium Fox Farm nutes

Oops!!! I read I shouldn’t add nutes until week 4 or 5… Keeping my eyes on them… may need to flush. Not sure. Will see

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You’ll probably be fine happy frog is pretty shallow in nutes just wait till week 3 for your next feed and cannabis is hungry you should usually do a half dose week 3 then go full dose week 4 on

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Got it. Thanks again