Day 8 Big Bud: How does she look? Any suggestions?

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Looks good

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Please stop opening multiple threads for the same thing!

Okay I made a mistake. Was that aggressive reply really necessary? Myfriendis410 I’m learning.

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Actually that is not aggressive; it’s from someone who has to do the same thing multiple times a day.

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Ok. Will you tell me what I am doing wrong to cause multiple threads?

And maybe you could tell ALL us newbies how not to create multiple threads that way your not doing the same thing multiple times a day. Hope I could Help :slight_smile:

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I don’t see a way to alert everyone. Basically if you are doing general questions around a grow, start a journal, ask a question in that journal and tag folks with the @ sign.

We are in the process of increasing memory as we are at our max now. This is the reason why it’s much better to confine yourself to your one thread when possible. You also end up with more traffic that way. Read some journals and attach yourself to those of like mind and you will fit right in.

All of that said if you have something that needs it’s own space; go for it. But in general grow questions have been extensively covered on the forum.

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Ok! Thank you so much for that.