Day 70 - when to harvest?

Growing two WW autos for the first time. I’ve been looking at their trichomes the past couple weeks and I don’t see any amber. Most trichomes are still clear but I’m getting concerned b/c even the sugar leaves are starting to darken and dry up.

I’ve been doing ph’ed nutes every other watering and trying to decide when you to flush. Photos below.

How fast will the trichomes change color?

Any advice welcome. Thanks!


It really depends on strain maybe try a 48 hour darkness or decreasing lights from 12/12 to 11/13 or 10/14


In my opinion you need to wait a little bit and listen to @Majiktoker and reduce the light period to 11/13 for 1-2 days and after that to 10/14 for 1-3 days (depending how is going). After that you need to put her in complete darckness for 48h…
Do you split the stem?

These are autos so they are on an 18/6 schedule. Should I still reduce the light?

Yes it may help rather than waiting another couple weeks for a possible change, the do look close to ready though so if dropping id just drop it to 10/14 for about a week it should help them amber because dropping the light cycles will tell that specific plant she needs to hurry and finish because its nearing “winter” so to speak


I would reduce the light cycle down as @Majiktoker suggested. My white widow photos took a while to change over and never really got any amber trichs.
You are going to have some nice bud there👍


Long dark periods help 48 hours +
4 days in dark won’t hurt if water really good before.

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10 hours on 13 hours off seem like the best

What are you gonna do with that one hour you don’t have accounted for? :grinning:

Just teasing you, a bit. :grinning:

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Ha ha ha your funny😉 peace