Day 7....Disaster strikes!

My best growing seedling got bent. It was growing taller than the dome.

What should I do???

Also looking for a mix recipe for FFOF and CL and Perlite.

I’m stumbling along…any help would be appreciated.

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Yeah has a bad back, chiropractor?


Looks like if was pinched like it’s flat ? Could try to make a brace with something like a shish kabob tick and a bread ty not tied too tightly. Or popsicle stick.

Also it looks like they are stretching and that’s why that one fell over. How far away is your light ?

Can’t help with the soil as I don’t grow in soil, although I do know ffof won’t need any nutrients for a while as it’s deemed a “hot” soil. Depending how long you veg for , won’t need nutes until flowering.


I’m having the very same issues, Still Looking for Answers

They are stretching for light. It happens to me all the time when I use cfls to sprout/start out seedlings.

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Bury stem and keep growing


What @Bluntsmoke said