Day 67 advice all autos

Day 67 just showing pistols about a week ago… should I be worried


No worries should be some nice big Autos looking good.

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That is the beauty of autos. Sometimes they throw you for a loop and they do what they want to. 60 days is really a long veg time though. My last auto was a Jack Herer. It took until day 50+ before I saw its first signs of flowering.
Day 51

Day 57

It was also the largest auto I have grown


Yea, same boat here, growing 5 GSE autos, 4 well into flower, day 55 and this 1 gal just started to stretch.

Your ladies look great!


Ok whoo u know the new grower panic well that’s what I was feeling lol… all this time and effort. Thanks frfr



@beardless In the first pic, Day 51, what is the sign of flowering, the little white hairs? If that is the case, did you change your feeding nutes at this point?

I think I may be in a similar place with my BB. Not sure when to begin to drop RH and begin flowering nutes.

Yes re hairs
Flower nutrients - I start them at first sign with autos. With photos at change to 12/12. I do this because the combination of advanced nutrients I use maintains a significant amount of Nitrogen to support continued veg growth.

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Thanks. Super helpful…I am constantly “in school” growing. Darn! Why didn’t I pay attention during the botanical sections of biology class! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

Okay, I will continue the growing nutes. Would you adjust the RH at this point. Looks as if nitrogen is important in the later stages of veg, correct?

Continued growing success.

Yes because the stretch immediately follows and N is necessary to fuel it. I have not looked into specifically changing ph during flower stages. I believe some say lower ph at beginning and a little higher at the end.

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That makes sense. I will have to keep an eye on the tone of green as she moves into flowering.

Not pH, RH. :wink:

I am not sure when to cut the humidifier and start running the dehumidifier. VPD charts give general age and ranges. For example, early veg vs. late veg vs. early flower vs. late flower. With autos, this may not be very long periods of time, so I want to try and stay on top of that.

Always appreciate the info and insights! :+1:

Very generally, humidity is the highest at the beginning and lowest at harvest. Unless you have a very high level of control, which I do not, I take the practical approach of getting as close to optimum as I can with what I have. So yes you can run a humidifier if you need to increase RH and dehumidify if you need to lower it. I will use this in the tent to raise RH a few %

During veg you can put your exhaust fan on a separate timer and turn it off while lights are off for a few hours to increase RH.
If the flower period is 8 weeks, I consider the first 4 or 5 weeks as early flower and the time after that as late flower.

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That is great info! Nice idea. Before getting the humidifier, I was hanging a wet towel that would dry quickly. Your set up is much more practical than mine.

I think I am about 1 week into flowering as I noticed small pistils around 25 days.

Continued success.

Week 11

@Ghost74 Are you seeing sings of flowering yet? Those will be some monsters!

just pistols still I think running out of room though…I wish they would come on with the stimulus I’m by ordering a 4x8 do you think I’m ok? Will they flower

This is my new auto day 15 already showing sex


Remind me, the large ones are autos or photos?

Day 15?! :astonished: That is one of the fastest I have seen! Those autos really do their onw thing!

Maybe you want o try and force the big girls. The Ruderalis genes sometimes do funny things from what I have read. People put them in 24 -36 hours of dark and then flip lights to 12/12. Seems to work well.

Yeah the large ones are all autos… Day 72