Day 65 Autoflower Northern Lights First timer close to harvest!

Getting close to Harvest. July 19th is 10 week mark. I’m so excited watching her grow she has been so pretty. ADVICE TO PAY ATTENTION TO?? As I get close to harvest and drying period.
Here’s pics!


This is the very top of my fave!! Is that brown in middle ok?


I could be totally off here but that last pic kinda looks like the flower got a bit pollinated. are there immature seeds in those calyx?


What type of high are you wanting? The deeper amber the more couch lock high, the lighter the amber the more of a up high, depending upon the strain.

They don’t look like seeds to me, as someone stayed, that’s foxtailing IMO.

Here is general guide to harvest.

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Does this look like bud rot?