Day 62 Cinderella and hello everyone

Hey everyone. New to site and wanted input on my setup if you would be interested In chiming in. This is a couple c99 in day 62 and a flipped juicy fruit in with em in stretch mode. And 2 other juscy fruits in my veg tent that are ready for flip. I use led only and soil in bags. I think my veg tent is too humid. What do you think?



Looking good!

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I like mine about 40% - 45% when they are in flower . I run a dehumidifier in my room outside my tent and a circulating fan inside the tent to keep air moving . You don’t want to get bud rot .


I will get better focused pics later… sorry about quality. Thanks for input.

50% - 60% is good for veg . Don’t let those guns get rusty . :sunglasses:


Sorry I ment to say my flower tent is too humid… that is the pic of the meter…

Thanks for the input seedog. I am moving a dehumidifier into room today… I was worried about that and you have verified my concern. I don’t want any rot… also I am gonna split one stem today, as they are about a week out now… been flushing for almost a week now with just cold water. They look great to me but I’d like just a little more bud growth and density…

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Here are more pics, better but still not focused right. I need better camera iPhone 6 sucs.


Youve gotta get tour humidity down in flower or you might get bud rot or mold. Theyre too pretty for that. I run a dehumidifier during flower as im where its very humid where i live.


Yes , it looks like they could grow for at least a week or more . You should buy yourself a jewelers loupe 60X [ cheap on amazon ] to check the trichomes on your plants . I use a endoscope camera magnifier that works really well . It really helps when it gets close to harvest time . You have some nice plants there @Reelax , good job and welcome to the forum .

vlcsnap-2018-08-16-15h11m03s213 Here is a picture of one of mine .


Welcome to the ILGM forum @Reelax. @Seeddog and @Laurap have told you exactly what you need, get that humidity down, it is too late in the grow to lose those pretty girls now. I also use the endoscope/ microscope around $14 on amazon. Makes it much easier to tell, and make sure you look at the bud trichs and not the leaves. Again welcome to the best place to learn all you need to know about growing weed.


To all… thank you… I have the amazon 60-100 scope and have been watching… only clear so far… I have gone to buy a de humidifier today you may have saved me.

Here are some rough pics with the scope and my iPhone sorry about the crushed views my 1st time doing that…

P.s. dehumidifier in place and down to 60% tonight… hoping for 45 in morning.

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YES , @Reelax now you have control . Be patient and let those buds get big and fat .

I have a thing for Cindy, just sayin!

Yup and let them rock on. I was thinking more 2-3 weeks at least before u said all clear. Let those trichs milky up. What kinda high did you prefer? Energetic heady or couchlock narcotic like. Beautiful girl btw

Got the humidity under control but we are having a heat wave…

Here are pics from today…

image image


looking Great! I can’t wait until I’m at that age I’m 33 days in.

Ok we are at day 65… I see some milky… when should I pull these ???

Ideally you’d like as much cloudy as you can get without having a ton of amber.