Day 6 or 7 now. How do they look?

Hello i grabbed some auto flowers banna kush if i remember correctly. Anyways im just trying to find out if they are doing good. They grew extremly quick the first 2 days it popped out the top and now seems like they havent gotten any taller theres one run that has some yellowing going on and a lil bit of leaf damage nit sure what from though. But here are some pics. They are in starters eventually going to move to 5 gallon lowes buckets as thats all i have, i know im going to need another light one i make the transfer as the 1000watt isnt going to be no where near enough from what i read online. The empty one is a zkittles auto in some happy frog soil that hasnt sprouted yet been 2 days. The others are standard tomato starter kits, that will end up in ff happy frog soil as well. Are they were they should be, is it just me or do they look a lil stunted? And as for the one that had damage is it saveable? Or should i toss it and plant another zkittle Hasnt seemed to have any growth at all last 48 hours.

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relax you are doing ok

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Looks good! You might want to bury the stems a little or bring the light a little closer before they start tipping over.

How far should i have them at this point? What i read online was 12 to 18 inch but judging from your comment thats wrong. I do have a low breeze on them as well to hopefully help strengthen them

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Thanks thats a relief

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I’d leave it for now and just keep an eye on them to see if they start falling over. The fan definitely helps to strengthen!

@Newtogrowing92 Welcome to The Forum!!! Your babies look good and hopefully if they’ve stopped reaching for the light (stretching) then you’ve got them at the correct distance and they’re currently spreading their legs out underneath the soil. Keep us posted. :+1:t2::green_heart::seedling:


@HuJack007 yo left him hanging lol! You came back strong!! :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::man_shrugging::wink:

They are doing good. I transplanted over to 5 gal buckets 2 days ago as i read with autos you should start in final pot and 2 had roots starting to come through the drain hole of the previous pots All but one bounced back in less then 24 hours. The other is pretty droppy was tellowijg before transplant and not it seems like its gone away. The leaves are growing but deff feel like its stunted compared to the other since the beginning so who knows and now its all droppy hoping its just shock and it comes back but the others are all happy fucking upwards, got them tied to bamboo sticks as they started growing bigger and leaning a bit. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone