Day 56 question?

This is day 56 of my purple punchy autos, And I have a question for the community. My first top dressing at day 21 with a 50-50 veg/bloom mix. Day 42 I also top dressed with a 70 bloom / 30 veg mix. Now I’m coming up on day 63 and I’m pretty sure my girls aren’t ready yet. So my question being should I top dress again at day 63? And if so should I use all bloom, or a mix?
I have been giving her intermittent feedings of liquid kelp and molasses. And the white stuff on top of the soil is DE. I had a little fuc$Er of an ant problem.


My friend every plant has its own clock and can’t go by growers estimates. But you are right about not ready yet, as long as she is putting out lots of white pistols she is still building. Keep up the great work and wait until all those white pistols turn orange before worrying about tricomes. @BroncoBob