Day 56 and nothing

Ilgm ww “auto” day 56 and not even a pistil. Had to take it out of the auto tent around day 45. If this was a photo which I believe it is, wouldn’t it have sexed by now? I’m confused. Anyhow I’m going to 12/12 it real soon but I’m not confident anything will happen. Is that possible? What can I expect? DiscussIMG_20210330_235630051_HDR


Just a stubborn phenotype. It’ll flower eventually, lol.


So you think it’ll auto eventually or just flip the lights? Running out of room @Bobbydigital

I wouldn’t risk treating it like an auto at this point. I’d start treating it as a photo. My first order I received photos instead of autos. Luckily I caught it and ILGM made it right.


This is sound advice.

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