Day 52 - root check

Starting 12/12 tomorrow so did a extra water/nute swap with a bucket check. Had a issue with a slime forming in bottom of bucket very early in grow and wanted to do a check for reassurance. Perfect! I think, lol.

They look perfect to me, admittedly I have never done hydroponics before.


Looking good.

You using Hydroguard?


This is my older/last grow.
Used Mendocino grow nutes and switched to Fox Farms nutes for flower.

Hydroguard isn’t really a nutrient, it’s a magic fluid that keeps your roots healthy :slight_smile:

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I have heard of it yes, and to he honest it may have been beneficial in my last grow. I had a couple negative issues with the Fox Farms nutes. Hence a switch to the General Hydroponics suite.

I also doubled the air input into the system by a larger air pump and 2 large air stones.
I have not had the wild ph changes or the root death that occured using Fox Farms.

I don’t have any experience with FF nutes (just the soil), but my GH trio-based system has only slow pH changes … in veg, it goes down, in flower, it goes up, but always very slowly.

I have my controller set to make it be 5.9 always. If you have the means to have a pH controller in a (R)DWC system, you definitely want it IMO.

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My plans are to expand to a MUCH bigger system after the Feds finally decrim. I am looking at some very intersting multi-bucket systems that have those as part.

It seems to me that the pre-built, all-singing, all-dancing things are expensive and priced to commercial scale & income. I think I’ve pretty well duplicated what some multi-bucket systems have/do by myself piecemeal for quite a bit less $$$.

My system currently has four plants, one reservoir, a chiller, pH & environmental automatic controls, and auto top-up. The only thing I’m missing (and working on it) is automatic dosing of nutrients (via a EC sensor). I could expand to 8 or 10 plants without changing the infrastructure…

What are you looking at?

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Plumbing my own using designs I copy.
I worked as a designer for a pressure washer corp for years. I was doing work in water reclaims when I was purged. Copying what I am seeing online will save %50 minimum with better components.

I am only planning and plotting so far.

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Good plan!

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My current project is transfering a soil rooted mature plant (was showing her sex) to my Dws system. I am having good success.


Harvested said soil-hydro transfer today. Interesting results! In another post so wont run my mouth much.

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