Day 5 of drying, stems bending but not snapping

I hung dried my entire GG4 plant As a whole. After 5 days I manicured(thinking it was time to jar) however I noticed that the stems are still just bending with no snap or cracking. Should I place my manicured buds inside of shoe boxes and then into trash bags to slow the drying process down before putting them into jars to cure??? I saw some research that shows the trash bag method as a way to retain some moisture allowing the drying process to slow down and also begin the cure before jarring because you don’t want your buds sweating inside of jars… IS THAT STATEMENT TRUE?? I’m really trying to avoid “THE HAY SMELL” nightmare

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Some say that a little bending, rather than snapping, is a good thing. I usually dry mine to near snapping and then cure them. Humidity control hasn’t been a problem when doing that.


Thanks! How many days does drying normally take you? And what temp and humidity is your drying room?

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I dry at ~60% RH and as close to 68 degrees F as I can get. It usually takes a week or a little more.

I cure at nearly the same conditions, but in a Ball jar.

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I’ve got 55%RH and 70F degees for temp. Is that high enough temp to destroy terps?? I can’t get it to 65

70F is fine. 55 RH will get you dried slightly faster.

Do u have any info on “sweating” the buds after drying but before jarring??

I don’t. Never heard of it.

Does the smell of your buds decrease at all during your drying stage? Does it return during the cure??

You lose a lot of smell with the surface moisture the cure evens it all out and develops the terpenes

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They will smell like hay for most of the dry and the hay smell will eventually turn to a nice cannabis smell the last couple of days of the dry. Smell will continue to improve during the cure.

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Thanks a ton guys very helpful