Day 49 auto and minimal stretch: mag deficit?

Hello all : first indoor grow and first time trying LSt -day 49 on a twisted tree Newberry auto in COM stonington soil with a green sunshine co 180 LED .

Overall plant looks pretty good but I don’t see much stretch compared to my prior outdoor grows

I was a tad late with the COM dry nutes but I’m thinking this squatness may be a led height and intensity thing or a magnesium deficiency since it looks like the lower leaves are discolored

Currently I’m running the led at about 30 inches at 50 percent on the dimmer due to what I thought was some early light bleaching a few weeks back
But now suspect mag problems?

Measures about a 300 at canopy level on the photone app

Would lowering the led and Turing it up a notch be any thing to try ? I’m a newb but was under the impression that a greater height would be better to get a stretch

Of course it could just be a bushy bitch or needs some calm mag asap ?

Any suggestions appreciated on mag, light and or maybe a slight defoliation ??

Thank you advance for any assistance


On the stretch either turn up your dimmer or raise the light. For the Mag part are you giving it any Cal-Mag? You can give it some Epson salt about a 1/2 tsp to a gal of water.


What’s your light schedule? I would turn your light up


Very nice , being in flower stage I would slowly start cranking that light up to max output.


It’s been 18-4 on the schedule …I turned intensity up a tad and debating g about lowering it a few inches as well

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I would drop your light schedule 16-8 or 12-12 they do a lot of growing when they are sleeping

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