Day 49 and no flowers

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Day 49 and no flowers… have them inside with humidity control, in perlite and a little potting soil 3 gal container, with 18-6 lights but upped to 20-4… yet none have flowered. what’s up with my autoflower norther lights…Thanks brother man

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Im new to growing so can’t give you much info but They do what they want sometimes. I have a white widow that just started to flower 80 days old and have some others that are the same age that getting ready to be taken down in a few weeks

I have a small one outside:

It’s 53 days old and she just started flowering like three days ago… I would be patient, and if in another week you don’t see anything, consider going to 12/12.


I have had the same issue as well. @Bogleg has the right idea, sometimes they need a bit of help to kickstart the flowering stage.If you dont see some flowering soon , go 12/12 and it should start to happen fast.


I had an auto white widow that went close to 6 months before I got tired of it and cut it down. Drop your light schedule down, that should help

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okay Thanks

okay. Thanks

Happy anniversary @hornhead


Been a year already? Thanks


I’ve never grown auto flower, but I do know that 12/12 is a perfect light schedule to flower normal plants