Day 46 Nature's Living Soil. CBD Crack (issues), Gorilla Cookies, Forbidden Runtz

Hi folks!

This is my first grow and I could use some help. Started to identify some discoloration on the CBD Crack and Gorilla Cookies about 12 days ago. NLS advised to mini-flush (plant’s runoff was 6.6 and 6.7ph) with half-dose calmag and follow with 2tbs molasses for next watering. I’ve had two waterings and one second half-dose calmag since. The G.Cookies looks to be holding steady but not improving and the CBD Crack is continuing to discolor.

I’m worried about hard water as I’ve been using my tap water since vegetation. At first, I was using an inline gardening hose filter to help with chlorine (850-1100ppm). I was advised that it may be filtering calmag also and leaving me with nutrient imbalance. The last three waterings, I’ve been using unfiltered tap water (1150-1320ppm). Always rested 24-48 hrs and ph’d to 6.5.

Not sure what (if anything) I should do at this point but suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

**Fun tidbit, I’m red/green colorblind and have a confusing time reading these plants when it comes to deficiencies and toxicities.

Details: FastBuds Gorilla Cookies, CBD Crack 1:1, Forbidden Runtz
HLG 600Rspec in 4x4
74-79F and 52-57%
Nature’s Living Soil FFHF supersoil technique 5gal pots

Pics of all three plants.


Did you add the two tablespoons of the concentrate mix when you added the molasses? (I was the who contacted NLS on your behalf)

My plant is thriving after following their directions.

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I did NOT add two tablespoons of the concentrate mix (I also have some Girl Flower Power here) to the molasses watering after the mini-flush. Perhaps I misunderstood their post-flush directions. I started brewing a tea last night just in case suggestions came back to do so. Now I’m thinking that I should definitely use it tonight.

It’s good to hear that your plant is doing well and thanks for checking in on me!

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I mixed the molasses, cal mag, and concentrate all into the water. Next time, I’d probably put the concentrate on the top of the soil, then water. Keep us posted!

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