Day 42/Week 6 of veg. When should i switch to flower?

I have a new QB light coming in soon & i still have plants in 3 gallon pots, Was wanting to transplant into 5 gallon pots but im thinking its a little late to do that?? growing star Pupil from mass medical strains & growing in FFOF. Still waiting on new Ph up to come in too. so i think i should atleast push it to the end of the week or the end of the month?? Start of week 6 today.

If you want to transplant, I would go another 2 weeks after that to ensure the plant is good to go in the new home. Certainly can’t hurt a thing and will give you confidence any issues you see after that are not from transplant shock. Having said that, there is no need to transplant if the plant is the size you were looking for. At 6 weeks you can flip to 12/12 whenever you like. :slight_smile:
I did a grow in 3 gallon cloth pots and ended up watering far too often! 5 gallon was the best for my inside grows in Pro-mix HP.

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I veg for ten weeks but I’m filling up the scrog net :smile:

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Yup. I SCROG also so tend to go a while in veg. :grin:


This was what i want to avoid so yes i will be pushing her another week or 2 in Veg so she can be transplanted & fully recover before i switch to 12/12

another thing i want to ask if i’m going to get a 5ft by 5ft tent this Friday. should i Put the new Qb light in now in the smaller tent? or wait for the bigger tent to come in so she can be spread out & be ready for new light?

A 5x5 takes a fair amount of light to flower. I’m not totally sure what you are asking. I would use the better light as soon as possible.
You don’t need as much light in veg, but if the new light is more efficient then I would use it.
I have a couple of HLG QB 320 lights I used in a 4x4. I will be moving into a 8x4 lighting the same area. (Bigger tent just gives me more room to work and run a hydro system). My old blurple lights did a decent job, but didn’t provide the light per watt the QB lights do.


If you’re not doing it already you might wanna try Armor S I. My plants love the stuff. My plants skeleton got real thick after adding it and it’s supposed to make buds bigger also. I rarely use ph up because it makes the ph go up. Armor si is just General hydroponics name for silicilates Rhino is another companies name but they are more expensive. Either way it’s good stuff

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This is my update. added the new bigger tent so girls can spread out & the new light came in so i hung it & its 24 inches away from plants canopy & ph up is arriving tomorrow morning & the 5 gallon pots came in so these plants will be transplanted & Fed with proper Ph tomorrow. i will be flushing all the girls & adding the comeback to distilled water & no other ingredients, hopefully these girls come back even stronger. also added a dehumidifier after seeing how high it was without it.

Ready for flower😬 just 1 or 2 weeks away.

plants look droopy because i LST them more so they can spring up to the new light. now that they have room i LST them to spread them out waaay more than they were.