Day 41 of flower mystery strain?

hey what’s good potheds of the inter web I’m on day 42 of flower out a mystery strain in 5gal pot coco ph 6.0 floraflex nutes. Mammoth p slf100 using hlg550 with the uva bar led attachment how can I increase terp production and strength temps are in 70s to
Mid 70s rh 45-50% 2 exhale365 c02 grow bags 4x4x7 tent. 6inch exhaust carbon filter oscillating Dyson fan set in high and 2 hurricane clip fans pointed at roof inbetween plants one other clip fan above the hlg550 pointed on the light to cool it. And that’s all of it I believe those are all my cards lol. O yeah recharge I use that and the coco is ff coco loco. Thanks. Let me know what you all think.


How can I make her more shine ??? Can I force my plant or coax my plant in tk producing more trichomes???

Looks good.

Low rh (25-35%) and lower temps (60’s-low 70’s) the last few weeks will help. Other methods include ice baths, stem splitting, and 48 hrs of darkness before harvest.


Sound advice :+1:

@123Rosie great looking plant, think your on to a winner no matter what you do, :slight_smile: wow tks for sharing :slight_smile:

Awesome glad you all think they looks good. My first I door grow I started these seeds few months ago after my outdoor plant was stollen. I’m absolutely hooked on growin now tho. There’s no way to stop now lol I’m just new to growing and want to make sure I’m doing everything I can and if I mis something I n kno one some one on here will point it out. I feel I make so many posts and ask so many questions I just curious about if I’m doing well or what

…]() this is my skittles cake it has powdery mildew on it I’ve been cutting the branches off that are erected and I just got this amino acids to start feeding it but I’ve just been cutting any leaves off that I find. Any other recommendations


When is a good time to start with ice baths. I was thinking about doing really cold water too because simulate winter and maybe got one hour less light. My first grow was actually 2 plants I received from a friend who was moving and couldn’t bring them with and had just got my tent so I took them in and finished them off. The buds where nice smelling and tasting but they where airy as all hell and loose. The light schedule got switched around several
Times during flower and they had like 24 hours of darkness 4 weeks into flower. Anyway. When it cake time for harvest week I gave them one last water with say 5 gallons of water each and let that all run through. I was feeding just water for 2 weeks prior. I let the dirt totally dry for 5 days untill the plants was beginning to droop the. I put them in 2 days of darkness. Then the morning after the second day of darkness I harvested. One plant was still alive by a hair and the other one was obviously dead. The plant that died had the most phenomenal terp profile and the flavor stayed throughout the entire smoke and this was before it got cured. Smelled so strong compared to the other plant. Obviously a different pheno type as well as not dying but is this letting the plants die before you harvest a thing ??? Has anyone else experienced this ??? The weed was so good lol. Never thought it wails come out like that I would say it was professionally grown if it didn’t know any better

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I’ll do ice baths instead of watering the last 2 weeks before harvest.

Looks like you’re close enough to harvest that the wpm isn’t going to interfere too much. Still, keep up whatever you’re doing. It can escalate quickly.

This is worth reading.

Just got home from work and it seems like the wpm is worse than I thought. It’s spreading a lot now. Thank fully the other plant in the tent has t gotten it.

@123Rosie hello, :slight_smile: keep a good eye on them :slight_smile: do you have a magnifying loop to see trichomes ?:slight_smile: great pics :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have the loop and stuff but I can tell when they are done without it too. The plant grows a lot more weight after that 65 day mark but not all strains. I do think there’s a lot of wrong timings out there. Every time I’ve picked around day 60-65 my weeds never satisfying. Last plant I grew I left it for 80 days. And I let the plant die when the plant was still in the pot and I only had to dry for 5 days and then jarred for 5 days it
Was dankest buds ever. I’m gonna try and re
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