Day 41. Leaves diff colors

I noticed today the leaves are 2 diff colors. I checked the ppm and it is at 900 and oh is 5.7. I trimmed 4 days ago. Any help.

Just looks like rapid growth. With rapid growth, the leaves grow quicker than the chlorophyll can fill them in.


I was gonna say something funny like “That’s how you can tell those plants aren’t TRUE Bruce Banner strain”. The shade of green is all wrong.

Looks like @BobbyDigital has the problem dialed in and to follow his advice.

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Yes you are correct it is a Bruce Banner from ILGM. It has always been lighter then the G Glue. It is a nutrient eating machine. I am starting it at 1100 ppm and with in 2 days it is down to 900. I really don’t want to bump it up to much more until flower. Have you grown this before and if so what did you do on feeding

No, I have never grown it but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to inject that joke.

Ok so today I opened up the tent and seen it was 68* inside. And the color is getting worse. Is this not enough light. It was stated it may be from rapid growth. It seems stunned

. I am growing in dwc. 3 part flora at 1100 ppm at 5.7ph. Masz hydro tsl2000 at 85 percent power. 4 inch inline fan that never stops. Miso led drivers x6-150m041 times 2. And 3 fans. Light cycle is 18/6.

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Any advice @MrEasy


Hmm the plant on the right looks like normal new lighter green growth. I agree plant on left doesn’t look quite right. Sorry though I’m not quite sure what you have going on. Looks almost like light damage but youre at 85%, light doesn’t look too close, and other plant looks fine so prob not that.

My ilgm bb is also a very hungry plant for whatever that’s worth.

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Thanks I will monitor it daily and if I find anything I will post.

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