Day 40 of my WW Autos

So far so good. I’ve been taking pictures around every three days to compare growth. I’m very pleased with the results so far. They’re just starting the flowering stage and couldn’t be happier.


Looking good. Not sure what kind of spaceship you got them riding in, but the smaller one is slowly catching up. IMHO


Looks like an aero garden. Pretty cool grow!!


Nice setup. My WWA took about 90 to 100 days and were very very loud. They have the most amazing smell.

How does this setup work? Does it have a water pump etc?

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It’s a SpiderFarmer 2x2. I was a little presumptuous planting two plants. Should have just stick with one. Live and learn.

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If you’re talking about the hydro unit, its an Aerogarden Bounty Basic.

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Thanks. Yeah it’s an Aerogarden. I’m not great working with soil and this takes all the math out of it and let’s it do it’s thing.

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The unit comes with a built-in pump but it’s too weak for root oxygenation so I bought a air stone and pump to help it along.

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It comes with an LED lighting system but I took that off after the first week. It doesn’t supply enough light for what the plants need. I’ve been following the for the nutrient schedule and it’s pretty easy. I do change the water out once a week and put in fresh chemicals. pH and TDS stay fairly consistent by doing that. I did change my light schedule to 18/6 because I felt the 20/4 was too much once I started seeing pistils.

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