Day 4 into flowering, leaves falling off?

Hey guys. So we are day 4 into flowering switch and the inner leaves on our gelato plant are turing yellow falling off. The outside leaves look great. Seems to be following the plant up on the inside
i feel like it might be due to lack of light seeing as they are the inner leaves.

Soil is fox farm, feeding big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom. 2 300 watt mars hydro led lights. 12/12 light cycle.


It’s getting plenty of nutes so I’m going to say a lil defoliation is in your future. The new growth at the bottom isn’t receiving light.


@Redhead thin out the bottom ⅓ and a few fan leaves on top so air and light penetrate the middle bud sites a little bit


You got so much under the carriage, i would not worry at all. I like to do a big defol 1 week befor switch and another at day 21 flower right after switch. Get some air in there it will help alot imo. Ladies look great overall, nice work

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