Day 38 into flower

Here is my white widow 38 days into flowering. I know you can give me exactly but by looking at pictures about how many more days before harvesting? I’m not rushing just asking for an opinion.


My last grow ak47 went to day 73 with about 35% amber my personal choice…harvest atleast when all trichomes are milky as minimum .that’s when the thc is at its peak (up beat high ) the more amber the lower the thc but it increases the cbd and this is what gives you a relaxing pain relieving high…it all comes down to what are you looking for…

Buds looking great

@Code420tv I really don’t have anything special planned for it. I don’t smoke i was just doing this for something to do , to see if i could do it. I’ll give it to my daughter and son, their grow adults.


Nice !!! Now that’s a Xmas Gift


Oh sorry by the way it was 73 days from germination veg for about 16 days then the white hairs showed and then it flowered for about 58 day total of 73 days

Change your light schedule to 10/14 and she will ripen at least 2 weeks earlier than on 12/12 .

@yoshi Is that 10 on 14 off

Yes sir 10 hours on and 14 off extending your dark period will force the plant in a safe mode kind of to ripen sooner .

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@yoshi So what do you think 1week, flush, then 2weeks and harvest?

I was told not to help and I give the respect in doing so , you have to ask the forum grow support , sorry my friend happy growing !!!

Have i did anything wrong or offend anyone, if so forgive me . I meant no one any harm.

No I was told not you buddy , but I have to let personnel help you that’s all .

@Yoshi Please enliten the the class as to Safe mode .AS Ive never herd of it in my 25 years Couldn’t find it in my grow books either .MMMMM. And what is the effect of the 10/14 verses the 12/12 and what are the physical differences this creates . HAMMER. :unamused:

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@yoshi Thanks for your help anyway.

From the pictures what do you think if i did 1 more week then flush. Harvest 2 weeks after flush

It was posted here on a study done by extending the dark period in mid flower can has beneficial effects of more resin production , help the plant finish sooner if it’s sativa dominant , and it’s what I’ve done and has worked . I’m only giving advice on options not professional study . But I cannot tell you where to find this information but it was posted here before you was even made a grow forum moderator ,@Macgyverstoner even explain the benefits to this as well , I’m not just putting this out there if it has no benefits , besides no one has to take what I say in regards of they growing honestly , I had no clue of this until I read here in a post on a thread , the same as coconut milk and skin milk being added in flowering to give benefits to a plants last ditch production before its season has ended , I feel like a hostage when I simply try to past on information to give a grower a lead on something to go research , not follow are do as I say , is why I strongly add in my response I’m a well informed rookie , not an expert !


Why would it not help a Idica dominant Or auto flower ?? And when you say more resin productuction do you mean the plant produces more trichomes per inch ?? If you wouldn’t mind use the search engine to help find that info … iam just so hungry for new and relevant info .:no_mouth:
Sincerely Hammer .

Ps @Yoshi how Does pouring milk that will sour and then rot to your MJ work out ??? just not wanting some new and important info to slip thru my fingers . Please enlighten me . for again i coudnt find this reference …Will Await your wittful answerer .
Sincerely Hammer .:frowning:

From my understanding and all what I’ve read on adding skin milk it’s a 1/4 of a cup to a full gallon cause of the properties of milk spoiling , coconut water or milk can be used as well . It supposedly can feed the organism an fungi bacteria in the soil . Let me ask you why I feel like I’m a target of some tactic I’m guessing so you can prove a point on information of what you know compared to what I’ve read . I’ve already told you Hammer I’m not giving no other member advice since what I used time and time again has worked and might work for others which have again Sir , it’s your job so I’ll let you help them , I’ll just stick to my Lil thread on my illiterate thoughts of growing and what I don’t know while I’m trying to learn . It’s all yours my friend , so I’ll honor and respect your advice of not telling anyone what I think are what have worked and let you professionals help them hopefully that’s not a problem either I hope .