Day 35 West Coast OG (My 1st Grow)


Good morning :smiley: Your ladies are looking great! Happy Growing :blush::v:
Question, do you have more than one plant in each pot?


Welcome aboard. They look healthy. :heart_eyes:


Thanks :blush:
Yes the back 2 pots have more than one seedling starting up. But the 3 pots in front have only 1 plant. There’s 2 in 1 and 3 in the other. I decided to go against everything people online say and give it a try myself. If it doesn’t work then I’ll know from experience and not just heresay.


Might work but that’s 5 seeds that won’t be grown to their potential. Good luck :+1:

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We love watching others make things workout. Like you, we was given advice on # of plants in our space. We did one extra, it worked out, we just had one outside the shower we had to move around. This run, 2 only. Yes going against the grain might work out, but most likely theres a reason of why not to do it.

Bigger the roots can mean bigger fruits on the norm. Not always,

Good luck, we wstchin

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Idc i have nothing but time and plenty of seeds

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Exactly. It’s a chance worth taking if you can afford it. Im growing for personal use and I have about 50 seeds 4 different strains so I’m not really worried about it not working out. Ill never know if I dont try. Im gonna double up on too dressing and make whatever other adjustments needed and see what happens. Ill be sure to post the progress or lack of progress, whichever way it ends up going

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We have been on someone else teet my whole life. Paying for it.
As mentioned, 1 harvest, so getting a second one finished is important to stash for rainy days. We cant afford to be risky yet.

This can be done, it’s just potentially opening up doors that are more difficult to deal with. Playing devils advocate, if you could afford it a couple more pots of soil would be investment into not having issues with soil compaction, root bound plants, or having different phenotypes that wanted a little different care. Most of that can be worked through though. Hopefully no issues and a bountiful harvest.

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You’re absolutely correct. This is just a trial. Depending on how it goes if it’s not too bad Ill try it in 10gal pots. Thanks for the positivity

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So far so good. We’ll see how it goes once these girls start fighting over root space :joy:. Day 42 on the OG Kush