Day 33 of flower


Finally getting around to making an update. Day 33 of flower with chronic widow, gold leaf, and Cali dream. I’ve been feeding with NFTG nutes and just recently flushed because my root zone was running pretty alkaline (around 7) and started to give me a couple problems. It was my fault for not paying enough attention… but nevertheless; bud porn!

The 3 amigas

Chronic widow closeup

Cali dream closeup

Gold leaf closeup

We’re getting closer everyday!


Beautiful Bud Porn!


Thank you! Gold leaf is insanely frosty already! Yesterday I rerouted some ducting to try and remove a little more heat from the environment and hopefully aid them in their final stretch.


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Looks amazing. What size is your tent? 4x4? 2" squares on the screen?


It’s a 5x5 tent, with the scrog squares set at 2.5”. I kinda wish I had gone with 2”… more places to tuck and less reach between squares. This is my first serious grow so I’m learning as I go!


Yeah my last three scrogs I’ve used 4"… this last one I am doing I finally think I’ve figured it out… and I really wish I had 2" squares. Heh. Would’ve made training it much easier.


Absolutely agree lol


My only comment is it’s nice to have each plant on it’s own screen in case you need to work on one outside the tent; which happens pretty frequently for me.

Looking great! I immediately noticed the GL frost. Keep doing what you’re doing!


I totally agree! I love the benefits of the scrog but am thinking of possibly going without it for a bit so I can easily move plants in and out depending on age.
Thanks for the advice as always!


Your going to love the gold leaf its some great Medicine bro woohoo looking great


Looks great


Thank you brother. I’m no small part due to you… I remember you giving me tips and pointers on ventilation a few months back. Much appreciated as always.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’m 17days into flowering on my first grow how do these look, any advice??


Looking real good, and lots of time for those buds to really pack on some weight too. Nice work!


@Thelaughingwolf looking really good I have a GL this grow and have just gone into the 6th week. Not many brown hairs in mine as yet.
Yours look awesome thanks for sharing.


@Boogie021 your looking wonderful keep doing what you have been you apper to have tbings inder control at the moment
Do you have a thread of your own so we don’t clutter up @Thelaughingwolf thread? If not best to start your own journal :notebook: :wink:


Nice pistilation, I would think they will fill out nicely as time goes by.


Hell yeah, gold leaf is a keeper! She’s the closest to my forced cold air intake so that may have a bit to do with her success compared to the others. I noticed she frosted up on her lower sights first, but pistils seem to be maturing from the top down. I love observing these things!


If you start a thread make sure to tag me in it. I’d love to follow along!