Day 32 of my first ILGM grow. Chronic Widow WOW!



Yeah, they’ll keep coming, you just have to keep cutting.


Been a bit since my last update, past the 6 week mark and all is looking good, colas the size of my fist. Very happy with ILGM and these genetics.

Hoping the next 3 weeks stay on this track, ppm at 850, ph 6.5, RH between 47%-57% will be very interesting to see how much weight I get off these girls! Pics next week again, hope you guys notice the difference. Looking for a cheap usb scope, hoping to get some trichome shots.


Moving into week 8 and things are looking consistent. I just mixed my last batch of nutes (I expect). Pistils are drying up slowly. Entering the final stage now and I am anxious.

Pictures this weekend! Hoping for some good final weight, but there is always the drying and curing to screw up horribly. We’ll see!


Snagged some shots this weekend, Trichs first. 8 weeks and it looks like we are still all cloudy at best. image image image image

Tried to get some bud shots too, but clearly lacking in sufficient lighting, the flash just doesn’t cut it.

I know you can’t tell but that bud up above is the size of my forearm, prior to harvest I will find some better “picture” lighting and give these a solid color background with a ruler or a cloth tape so you can see the actual size of these tops. My largest cola is probably 8-9 inches in diameter and about 12’’ long.


Cute foxtails on them - extra weed! LOL


Not sure if it’s a little bit of light stress or if Chronic Widow tends to foxtail a bit… I plan to SCROG next run pretty heavy, so I should have a little more distance from the lights to be sure… these are already baked… LOL


Man those buds look damn fine. :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: And yea. Bit of foxtailing going on. But in the immortal words of @Whodat66 ‘More Weed!’ :joy::joy::joy:


The girls went into flush on Sunday.

Trying to decide if I want to wet trim or dry trim lol

Going to need to take a couple vacation days for sure.


“Hi boss? Yeah, I plan to have the flu next Monday and Tuesday…” :wink:

And those are damn big for day 32…


Presented without comment. Harvesting now.



Thats one sick effing bud! She is sitting FAT. BOTM that girl!


Wow, beautiful bud!


Wowsers you just shot down my hopes and dreams nice haul on that bud


Checked on the girls this morning in the drying phase… 39% humidity and 85 degrees… a bit worried about the larger colas that I didn’t break down, but at that humidity I am hoping to make it through the dry process intact.

Obviously that big monster cola up there and it’s smaller sister had to be broken for drying… with that huge dense mass I felt I was nearly guaranteed to get mold.

Hoping the next week goes smoothly, then I will feel like I can relax and be out of the woods.


Woooweee doggies. I can help you with the drying. Just send some over here and I’ll hang it up for ya’. Great job…


What do you guys mean by foxtails


@plumbdand The new skinny growth of flowers that protrude from the top and sides of colas.[quote=“plumbdand, post:37, topic:23077, full:true”]
What do you guys mean by foxtails


Got it thanks I did a search on This forum and read almost every thread about it