Day 32 of my first ILGM grow. Chronic Widow WOW!

Hi all,

First let me say this place is wonderful. Doing this project alone with no one to talk to about anything has been challenging. Some of you have probably been through that phase before, so any helpful links would be appreciated.

I am very very pleased with these plants and this entire grow is outperforming my prior two grows. (If I’m honest here the first was a burnt crispy airy bud production, so let’s call that one an attempt instead of a grow… LOL)

I purchased Chronic Widow seeds, having missed the difficulty rating until after they were paid for…! Given my experience , I probably should have snagged an easier strain.

I took some crappy photos today and wanted to share. At not even 5 weeks into flower, I am freaking out at the trichomes and overall size and density. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 3-4 more weeks?! I don’t think my heart can take this stress.

Thank you ILGM, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!


Last pic shows a Lady with at least 4 weeks to go. keep feeding n caring…she will make you proud.


Beautiful lady u have there. She’s gonna swell up n reward ur patience n love. Nice job. Also second that first part. This site rocks. Secretive grows alone are very lonely. N this is just enough socializing. With the added bobus everyone here is great n loves growing bud.

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What do you think is a general time period for flowering? Like two months? Mine have been going about a month, got some red pistils, and the trichomes look cloudy. I thought you should harvest at the sight of amber trichomes, but saw a moderator today saying 50/50 on thetrichomes red & white.

Yes about 8-10 weeks on average, if have seen shorter times posted, but if you read the actual grow journals, most seem to fall between 8-10 weeks. What variety are you growing? Is it Sativa or Indica dominant? Or an auto-flower?

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The “red hairs” are pistils that have dried up. The Trichomes to watch are not on the leaves. But, on the buds themselves. If you want to see how good the buzz is…pick a popcorn bud, dry it and do a “taste test” like the wine makers do. That a good ambler trichome mix will make the difference. Good luck


100% Sativa Purple Haze, third gen clones. I have 5 OG Kush seeds on the way. My first Indica grow.
VERY excited! I also am super impressed with all the help that we get from not only the forum members and moderators, but the emails Bob sends out! I got one yesterday on watering.
OMG I nearly pooped my pants! Found out that the hard water I have been using is not good for my plants (no nutrient baseline), that I am fertilizing way too much (should only feed at signs of deficiencies), and that I am over watering.
Also found out from @raustin, that one cup of H2O2 in 5 gallons of water after harvest will get rid of the Neem oil I had to use to get a pest out at the very start of flowering.
Off to get some jugs of Spring Water and test it out. Our well water is off the chart high, and our water softener has been down since Memorial Day weekend. Explains my lackluster growth this Summer.

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For the amount of water needed for a few plants, have you thought of a cheap RO set-up? I got one for $60 that is rated at 75gpd, way more than I’ll use. They even had bigger models for not much more you could use for the house.


The RO Buddy is an inexpensive 3 or 4 stage unit. They offer 50gpd & 100gpd options, for between $50-$60.


Sounds like an affordable plan! Thank you both @Whodat66

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Wanted to post an update, just gaining density at this stage. Not at all good at taking photos like the other folks and don’t have a scope to get in there on the Trichomes, so this is just a first gen standard DSLR camera.

37 days, replaced all nutes and flushed buckets today, Rotated plants for the last time, likely 3-4 weeks to go!


U have a TON of white pistils. May have to extend that date a pinch further

But all in all that bud looks mouthwatering


Agreed! I am “planning” on a 9 week flower period… but if it takes 12 then, So be it. Coming up on week 6 now, and I could easily see another 4 weeks… no rush really, but I do want to avoid couch lock… so will pull them mostly cloudy with around 15-20% Amber max.

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I do have a question on when to start the flush though, do I start the flush a week before I harvest and when I see like 5-10% amber? Assuming more will have progressed by the end of the next week when I harvest? Or do I flush when I am a full 15-20% Amber and still wait another week to harvest?

Also is a 7 day flush enough? I am seeing some here that start 2 weeks early or more…

What line of nutes are u using? And its different ways. Some just give straight water last two weeks. Some heavy flush (3x’s pot size) 2 weeks before harvest. N give straight water. Then again right before harvest. Some have nute lines that have scheduled flushes with their ‘flushing agent’

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Yeah I’ll use Florakleen… for flush… and I use a 1/2 strength solution the week before flush usually around 400-500 PPM.

Just the timing that makes me question the process. I went too far on my last grow, and needed to start the flush period sooner.

Now I’m worried about going too early and messing it up that way. LOL paranoia will destroy ya.


Man the girls have been thirsty!

Leaves are reaching toward the light, and it looks like new buds are forming on top of other buds. I was going to take and post pics each week, but I think I’ll try to hold out till week 8 before a pic update. (unless something goes drastically wrong)

As of today, No spots or burns that I see, but I am concerned about my humidity level, can’t seem to get it below 50% even with my dehumidifier and A/C assisting, and if it goes off because of a full drainage bucket , I’m right back to 65-70 % . I think I’m going to have to drill through my wall and add a permanent continuous drainage hose for the dehumidifier.

I was hoping to wait till after this run, and take care of everything then, but I believe this will be easy to fix and it gives me a head start on my room and system re-design. Looking forward to losing the big ballasts and reflectors for my HIDs, plus all the duct work for the in-line fan/cooling air flow. The flat simple LEDs will give me so much more usable space. Just hoping this is the right decision.

Even if the buds aren’t quite as heavy under LED the electric bill decrease will be worth it.


Question: what’s the farthest point in the flowering cycle that you can still prune off wispy branches? I was told 2 weeks in, to give the plants time to recover… but some of the folks on here seem to be clipping through weeks 4-6 too?

If you’ve got some good colas and want all the plants energy to go to them, then you snip off any other branches that start growing out of nowhere. I cut those branches off throughout the whole flower period.


Good, cuz daddy has some pruning to do… they keep growing those past 2 weeks into flower.