Day 3 Hardening, Need some advice

Hi all!

I’m on day 3 of hardening my plants off for the outdoors. Day 1, 1/2 hour morning sun, day 2, one hour and today is day 3 and I’ll leave them out for two hours. At night they are left under a 100 watt HLG led light.

I seem to be having the following problems or concerns: yellowing of leaves, drooping and curling.

To help the yellowing I gave the plants 2.5ml/gallon dose of cal mag since my friend said my distilled water was probably causing some deficiencies showing up as yellowing leaves. My biggest and best looking plant in the group started curling upwards a bit today, is she looking okay? Looks under watered but 3 others are showing symptoms of over watering.

How can I help them so I don’t overly stress them out during the hardening phase?

over watered?

top vew

center leave over curling?

First off-i do very similar hardening with some of my ladies. I also leave them under an agrosun 150w,but still on an 18/6 schedule.
The distilled water issue makes sense. I actually tested the process of tap water, and my tap did not upset the balance like my filtered or R/O water did. I use a Boogie Brew filter for this season- I can definitely give you an update at the end of the season. disclaimer- maybe my custom mix of soil gives a different reading/has more buffers to offset the chloramine/Chlorine in my H2O
Overwatering seems like the main culprit here. IMHO.
It’s early,you can still come back strong and healthy.
Best if luck!

SL out.

Thanks SL

I guess I should also mention I am using FFHF soil right now as well if that helps. These are also under 24/7 light.

Playing devils advocate- what if your plants already ate most of the nutrition in the FFHF? How long before you transplant to bigger pots?
Are you using dry ferts? Bottled synthetics?
Are you able to brew some tea of sorts ?

SL out.

Thank you for the response!

I plan on transplanting from these 3.5" nursery pots to 7 gallon fabric pots using FFOF. I ordered FF nutrient trio, should be here any day. I hadn’t planned on using any nutrients for at least 30 days. I’ll have to do more research on the tea. I plan to transplant the bigger batch plants at 30 days. The smaller ones are about a week behind.

Got it. Lock and loaded.
Press on and good luck!

SL out.

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I’d say the smaller ones are too soon for this but that’s just my style.

The 3 small ones are actually 2 weeks behind the bigger ones. Just hardening at the same time because I was lazy to do them all separate. Hopefully it doesn’t bite me in the behind. After a nice southern california day, all the leaves have perked back up, or is it the calmag? Either way we are all happy