Day 28 WW Soil - Newby

Are my ladies growing enough? I’m entering week 5. I’ve done a little trimming on lowers and topped (Correctly I hope)…I’m not looking for a giant yield. This is a 1 person grow/smoke. I see where 6 weeks can be a time to start my flower transition. Do these look like they will be ready for that? Also my light (1200W) has the ability to go blue on veg and red on flower, I have only been using red during the veg. Am I correct and only using the blue or can I use the red as well to increase my lighting?
Thanks for this for them and all the help out there. Have a great day😎

You should be using blue during veg. You’ve taken your pics with non-red light. Have you been vegging it with that non-red (white light) as well? It’s a good thing if you have been because it gives them more blue spectrum.

You might want to consider larger pots. A 5-gal fabric would be great if you only want to veg for 6 weeks. Six weeks should be fine. I flowered my current girls at 7 weeks. You can probably get away with topping twice with a 6-week veg.

They look healthy and you are doing great so far.

One more comment. Are you planning on adding additional lighting? You are going to struggle quite a bit trying to flower 3 plants with that one King LED. It will be okay for one plant and that’s about it.


Looking good, I’d give them 2 or 3 weeks more before flowering to let those tops get bigger. Not sure about the light question since I’m not a LED guy but I would think you’d want to just run the veg mode (blue) to keep the internode spacing tight for now.

My light fixture allows me to turn on red alone or blue alone and I’ve been going with just read alone during veg. I just transplanted these, one 5 gallon and two into a 3 gallon containers.

Being a first timer I just worry that the plants wont be large enough to support good size buds with just a couple more weeks of veg

sorry mistake I meant I’ve been using only blue during the veg stage

I wouldn’t worry too much about their size. If it were my grow I’d go just a couple more weeks. Cannabis will stretch quite a bit once you flip to flower and grow quite a bit more.

You’ll want to consider more light to flower 3 of them. That King LED won’t get it done for you.

I kind of plan to just go with one plant, my strongest, during flowering. Like I say I’m not looking for a cartel’s worth of smoke.

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Really appreciate this Forum. Lot of thanks to all those Who reply so quickly with good advice.

FYI, the reason everyone is saying your light isn’t enough for 3 plants is because it is actually a 185 watt fixture.
When you get to the flowering stage, turn on both of the switches (veg and flower) for maximum spectrum.

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at Feb 20, 8.05.35 PM

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makes sense. Thanks

Got a couple of smaller grow lights That all add to my Grow area. Question,These lights do not adjust from red to blue But considering turning them on now during my veg stage But because He’s lights have read spectrum as well I don’t wanna Screw up the growing cycle.bbfc82bd-a756-4923-8f77-a7a36fda6b69_400_compressed