Day 28 into flower - How's it goin ILGM?

Good evening one and all ILGM forum members. Like I’d said before this is the first grow in 30yrs inside - I believe I’m doing pretty good but I will be using larger containers next grow. Here’s some pics of my babies – wife saw them first time in over a month - thought I had ten plants instead of the just the four main – still have my runt sitting in the corner. My grow tent is 5x6x7’ and is filled wall to wall – just have up to grow…

I have been bending and snipping top buds – seems to have increased size of lower buds greatly. This has worked for my outdoor grows – keeps height down and maximizes yield by growing down and out. This forum is great - !



They look great, nice garden :wink:

Looking beautiful, my friend!

Nice plants

It would be very easy to get lost in that jungle :slight_smile: very nice

WOW is all i want to say but have to use 10 letters lol

How many plants is that?

Never mind just read

The plants look great ! Did you mainline any of these? It can really increase your cola size and get some really big quality and quantity of buds.

Mainline ??? – please explain Tx…



Mainlining (also known as manifolding) is a technique of trimming the natural plant starting while it is in veg so it can end up with as much as 12 or more different cola’s on the same plant. There are many tutorials on it. You Tube has a couple of them. The best one is by Nugbuckets who actually was the inventor of the technique. It looks like you were doing a little of it with this grow.

It can really increase the yield but you should have a fair knowledge of ability to keep your plants in good health. You can find it in you tube by typing manifold or mainlining.

This technique can also extend your veg time but it is really worth it with the possible increase in yield. If you look it up and have questions, I can help you. I did a modified mainline in my small grow box and got a great yield from one Super Silver Haze seed. Jerry


In fact I do employ this technique – I trim from the fifth set of leaves and on - depends on available room and just how bushy you want your baby(s). But I also trim a couple of the main colas – (people say don’t do this) and this stops the upward growth and pops out the bottom buds and if you bend that stalk you have yourself individual colas all on the same branch (and they DO grow nice and plump) !

I did this with just 2 in a confined outdoor grow – (hate helicopters) had to keep under 5 ft, and got a lb…

Thanks for the info


No Problem. That is what I come on this site for, sharing grow techniques to maximize yield !

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