Day 26- White Widow CBD Auto - Please evaluate and comment- Thanks!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to learning about harvesting, drying and curing

Thanks for looking in on the Grow!

Your welcome! Getting close to the end for the one plant…

Your welcome! And thanks for looking in on my first grow, I appreciate it! :sunglasses:

Its been so fun and engaging! Lots to learn and eager to try my first harvest! Thanks for looking in on them!

I want to try outdoors…I sat my plants out in the sun for just 2 hours to see what it would be like for them…man, the sun REALLY made them smell strong!

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I’m on my first real grow (played around with some bag seed a few years ago) and so far growing outdoors has been a dream. Super easy. Just planted in coast of Maine stonington blend super soil and add water. Added some earthworm casting and fish bone meal once as extra nutrients once (not sure if it really needed it but plants are growing nicely) and that’s it. I have a little pop up greenhouse I put them in when it rains or if it’s windy and chilly for extra shelter. Northeast weather has been unpredictable.

Keep up the great work on your grow. I’m going to follow along if you don’t mind.

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Yeah it can be really tricky - especially while you’re also trying to hold your hand and the bud steady at the same time lol. I often come away with a stack of trich pics that I later realise aren’t aimed where they should have been.

And as for the sugar leaves, some people will leave them on, I personally take every little bit of leaf off that I can. Apparently the leaves make for a harsher smoke and I’m all about smooooth :rofl:
Ther are other uses for your trim of course :purple_heart:

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I’ll second that! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

We all continuously learn with every grow, good or bad lol. I just harvested 4 plants on my 3rd grow and learned that blumat self watering spikes really are worthless…haha. As far as nutes go, everyone has their favorites and swears by them. I personally like Jack’s because it’s like 5 cents per gallon versus Canna being like $2 per gallon, but to each their own. I do recommend doing 2 weeks of straight water before harvest. This uses up all the nutes and you won’t be smoking it lol. Just be forewarned, the bigger leaves will brown big time if you do this. I also do 48 hours of darkness immediately before harvest and harvest when soil is dry. Kinda gives the trichs a little boost is what I was taught.

@rookiegrower Curious. What issues did you have with the Blumats? I ran them for a while and was considering going back. I had some issues also but seemed to have ironed them out. Though I was running Autos and could pull them to feed them and flush intermittently if I needed to. They worked well if I had to be away I know. Now you have me wondering.

@FirstTimer1 I’m a fan of the JHA also. Its fast, easy, and depending on the plant, seems to lean Sativa. So, its a good light, daytime med for me. I’m a rookie though and continue to listen and evaluate what works best.

Dude, u sound like a seasoned pro, congrats on the plants, I hope they meet all ur expectations. Obviously u paid attention, it was a joy to watch, I don’t do autos n I learned along the way just like u did. It’s going to b fun to watch ur progression, into a solid, confident, grower. :v::v::alien::seedling:

I know a lot of people use the trim for cooking, making tinctures… I feed mine to the goats. Most of them love it and they reward me with fertilizer. :slight_smile: Next year I’ll try building my own soil using that and old used up soil.


I’m glad you’re looking in in my progress…thanks!

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@rookiegrower This is my first real grow. Jacks came highly recommend, and for the price I think worth it. Plants seem to be doing well


mine were in the last week or so in flower when I had to go out of town. I decided to get the blumat classics on a recommendation. I even got 2 per plant just to make sure the plants didn’t die. Set up according to the instructions and even watched a video on yutube. I was gone 10 days and the plants were very dehydrated, leaves all died off. Wasn’t a huge deal to me, as I looked at it as early slow drying. So I harvested them the next day and no issues per se. Had my plants been in veg or early flower, they would have been toast. Just didn’t work well is all really.

Ya I switched middle of last grow when I flipped to flower, plants never missed a beat and did better on Jack’s than Canna.

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Thanks for the details. Much appreciated. I tried two carrots to start also. Overkill of sorts it turns out or better solved with the extenders which give you additional drippers. I am with you though. The concept is sound but the setup does go smoothly as it should.