Day 25 Bruce Banner Auto. What ratio for top dress?

Day 25 since sprout. I amended the coco with Down to Earth 4-4-4 and 4-8-4 (75/25) in the beginning and in the next week or so I’m going to top dress. What ratio should I use? I was going to lean more on 4-8-4 but it seems like she wants to veg more? Idk what do you guys think?

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I top dress with Happy Frog. I feed at half strength. I follow Mr. Canuck’s advice and mix the all purpose (6-4-5) evenly with the bloom (4-9-3) from the very beginning.

Your plant is still in veg. It might go into flower in the next week or so. It could also be another month.

It looks very healthy.

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Looks like I’ll do a 50/50. Thanks! This is the only survivor from my first batch of seeds I tried lol. I’m happy she’s looking ok!