Day 22 flower- yellowing and spotting- suggestions

Day 22 Flower- Ive read other posts on yellowing- i think I’m more concerned about the sports? overall the plant is heathy just one or two every few days have been doing this- I’m using gen Hydo nutes with cal mag and molasses and a pinch of epsom- plant is big, growing and building nicely but this makes me nervous
used 6 ml of cal mag
4 micro
2 grow
6 bloom
5 koolbloom
1 teaspoon of mollasus and a pinch of epsom salt
I am growing in pro mix HP under 600 wt MH ( don’t believe it to be a light issue thinking a nutrient problem - i put a scrod net in about 3 tiers of netting but when i did that i was not thinking about how id get the flush done ( newbie) so i tried a product call floraKleen for one feeding then back to regular dosage as stated above- ( I also have here flora-blend- floralicious if i should be using those?)

Looks to be calmag deficiencies. Or brom deficiency. I would lay off the Epsom salt. I haven’t seen any use after seedling. Your nutes are enough. How old is she. Different stages need different levels of npk.

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And flushing a plant really does on it own. It stops the uptake of nutes then lives off it stored fat cell hence a plant turning purple and light yellow. Never cut down a green plant. There will always show signs of when to stop feeding and let the plant eat up it stored food. Thats what the biggest leaves do.

Blow this picture up and read it.

Here’s another one that’s also helpful for when you find the problem in the first chart

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Good chart - thing to remember that once you see an issue you are all ready 2 weeks behind in fixing it

would be better if we could see more of the plant and can you fill out a support ticket I don’t know what your run off ph is? I would suspect a lockout due to excess (salts) nutrients which is throwing ph at root zone out causing

LOVE this chart! thanks so much xo

My pleasure, @steve2 is right as well once you can see the defiency your already 2 weeks behind some nutrients can take up to 4-6 weeks to visually see

thanks for the info- so I’m at least 4 weeks away from harvest possibly 6 how big of a deal is this if i up the nutrients and “guess” correctly :frowning: - it does look like I’m low on potassium from the charts- so i’ll up the “bloom” part of the trio possibly up the cal mag plus ? and up the koolbloom some too? yes? :see_no_evil:

In all reality don’t worry about it - here is the amounts of P & K in flower stages:

Early flower (weeks 1-2) - higher " K" amounts than “P” amounts
Middle flower (weeks 3-4) = higher “P” amounts that "K"amounts
Later flower (weeks 5-6) = higher “K” amounts than “P” amounts

Hope this helps - use cal-mag till week 4 in flower. using correct amounts will of P & K will really fatten your buds !! Just make sure you time in a flush at end of grow (generally 1 -2 weeks - just water )

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I think i know what i did here to cause the spots n discoloration… I was PH ing my water BEFORE adding nutes and by doing that I believe my PH was way down after adding them. I recently forgot to ph the water before adding nutes so i did it after, and discovered I do not need to adjust the ph most often when doing it this way - sooo by lowering the ph significantly before adding nutes i had to have WAY LOW PH this whole grow ( my first) even so my buds are fantastic Only future grows will tell if I am correct in this assessment
( wish i knew the strain as this was baggie seed) I am glad i found this out in time to change my ways for my “ILGM” seeds that are vegging right now. Thanks to everyone for the great info and charts I am keeping all of it available for the future.:sun_with_face: