Day 22 and only 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide

Hello everyone, this plant is 22 days old but is only 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide. I’ve decided that this pheno must be as runt and just isn’t gonna produce very well. My question is this; can I pull her now and my super soil be ok to start another grow? Or is it too late? Has she already taken up too much nutrients from the living soil?

How close it your light to the top of the plant? If it is close you might consider moving the light up some to encourage her to stretch out a bit. There’s not much space between those nodes, so I’m guessing this will take care of it.

She looks pretty healthy.


To add to what was already said.
Are you PH’ing your water to 6.5 before giving it?


Hey guys, the conditions were all good. Lighting, watering, temps, RH, PH, etc. Seems that this particular plant is just a runt. I’m gonna just chop her down. What I am wondering is if my super soil is still good for another grow?

22 days and that tiny? I wouldnt give up on her just yet, but if you do, the soil should be still chocked full of goodies.

When you water, how are ur habits? Have you been pouring to runoff? The more runoff u have, the more nutes you may have lost. But this early? Id wager its still pretty heavy.

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I wouldn’t chop her down imho. Moving the light up will encourage her to stretch out a little.

Ok thank you. I hope you’re right. She’s just not gonna produce so I’m hoping to give it another go in the same pot. I never watered until there was any runoff. I always watered just enough… occasionally watering the bottom as well

Yea… its a fine line when to call it time to cull. Some slow plants turn into BEASTS. Some never catch up n waste space and nutes… your call personally. But if its good genetics, id give her a chance.

As stated above, raising ur light encourages vertical growth but lessens intensity. Maybe she’s still just rooting and hasnt hit the ‘hot soil’ yet.

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I would guess that she has a pretty healthy root system. I don’t see anything wrong with the plant other than node spacing.

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I mean as to why she’s ‘moving slow’. As they put down roots, they grow slower foliarly. Especially in the beginning. Once she has reached the outside edges/hotter soils, plants tend to explode with top growth.

Yeah I totally understand guys I hate to cut her down. But I also hate to waste a 5 gallon pot of top notch super soil. This isn’t my first grow but I’m still definitely a newb. And I do know enough to know that this gal has got to go… So sad.

Hey I just thought that maybe I will try to pull her up and transplant her to a smaller 2 gallon pot with some compost soil I got going out back. So as not to end her life completely. See what happens… Flower her out anyway lol

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I like that plan! Hate culling plants myself. U never know whats gonna be primo… toss her in the yard n let nature have her

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update successfully transplanted her into the smaller pot… With what seems like minimal damage. Yay didn’t have to kill her!


This was my GSCX at 22 days… And then now at 86 days! Yours looks to be the same size, if not larger than mine. I think you’re fine.


Oh wow! Is that really the same plant? That’s amazing! Truly. I already pulled my little gal out of the 5 gallon pot and put her in a 2 gallon pot. The absolute deal breaker for me was that she was already shooting out hairs everywhere indicating to me that she was already in preflower so I was not likely to get much more veg than that. So I’m just gonna flower her out in some of my own diy experimental super soil so as not to waste my precious apotforpot soil. What do you think… Do you think my plant would have still amounted to much if I left her in the 5 gallon pot already showing sex and all?

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LOL! Yes. Same plant. Honestly, I’ll not sure. This is actually just my first grow. I saw pistils very early on, on the stalk but the actually flowers didn’t start growing in until after 30 days. If it’s just the pistils on the stalk, you should be good I would think, but again, I’m brand new to this world lol

This was my plant at 28 days. Is this what you’re referring to?

Did you say u transplanted to smaller pot?

Yes exactly!