Day 20 of flower, new growth leaf droop/curl

Hey guys! I’m about to start week 4 of flowering(day 20). I’ve noticed over the past few days that the newest growth starting to come out of the buds and some of the new node growth appearing low in the shaded areas of the plant all seem droopy. They are a bit curled, clawed and droopy. All other growth on the plant looks perfectly healthy and the buds seem to be growing nicely for day 20.
My initial thought was nitrogen toxicity, but I’ve been very careful with all nute amounts. I also figured I would see the issue throughout the plant if that were the case.
Thanks for any help/suggestions. I will get some pics posted.

Medium: ocean forest soil
5 gal Smart Pot
Nutes: foxfarm trio, Herculean harvest bone meal, aphrodites extraction, fish shit soil conditioner.
Light: 600w LED at 13in~ from canopy
All nute feeds PH’d to 6.5

Hey there! Pics are appreciated for a better diagnosis. Thanks and happy growing :v:

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Here’s some pics. It seems that most of the curling/drooping growth are the bits that aren’t directly hit by the light. First pic is affected growth. Second pic shows the new growth that doesn’t seem to be exhibiting issues image|375x500

Just updated with a few :+1:t3:

a pic with natural light please or just the flash

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Third pic shows how no other growth is exhibiting the issue

your plant looks good to me, my new growth always have a little curl to it


Your sugar leaves are starting to get frosty

Like @KoolHandLuke said looks good.

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Yes, sir. Everything except the droopy, curly parts looks great. It’s my first grow and I’m 100% internet trained. Thanks for the advice. I’ll probably reduce the nitrogen by 25-50% for tomorrow’s feed just to be safe

@G-MacRed Droop can be many things ,over feeding , under feeding ,and heat stress. My girls lower and raise their leaves for lights on and off.

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I hear ya. Of those things, the only possibility would be overfeeding. Potentially could be overwatering. I decided to do a feed flush 5 days ago. Realized I hadn’t watered to runoff in ages and decided to do a feed with 1.5 gallons to get some solid runoff. I’m starting to think it could be the result of all the water. I learn so much each week

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