Day 20, odd brown spots on leaves and leaves look odd in general... deficiency?

150w LED, 2.3’ x 2.3’, organic soil w/3 month feed, pH down’d water with black molasses, epsom salt, myco, worm castings and some other stuff

Well, I’m here for my weekly freakout! This is my first grow.

Different kind of brown spots (it was yellow spots last week, but we figured out it was from me slopping water on the leaves).

Is this a nutrient deficiency? Is it a pH issue? Is it bugs? I have seen walkers and fliers, but I don’t see any anymore since I introduced traps and diometrous earth. I have looked under the leaves and found no bugs.

I hope this isn’t a serious issue, but if it is, I hope I can correct it. I don’t need a 10 lbs. autoflower, but 1-3 oz. would be great.

Please help! No one on Reddit cares!

Uhhh it won’t let me edit.

I wanted to say I’ve recently used organic calmag as well. Maybe it’s calmag deficiency and I just need to use more. I can’t water for quite a while though because I doused it good today.

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What was the PH going in, and PH coming out?

I’m not seeing any indication of bugs.

We do, and when responding don’t forget to tag us, like @Tinymight_Autoflowerer there are plenty of experienced growers that are willing to help you from seed to harvest.

It does look like calcium deficiency, and since you’ve already fed it some, watch for new growth. Old leaves won’t recover.


@Covertgrower Thanks, I’ll do that! I have them in fabric pots, and there is maybe too much ventilation, so maybe I could water a little calmag in tomorrow if things look worse or not any better? Maybe the small amounts of calmag I used once/twice are not enough. I was more worried about getting too much. I’m also in soil, so I figured it would give me a little more margin for error. Maybe it is too much soil and not enough calmag.

I forgot to mention the temps are high, 79-82. I keep the tent closed up to try to maintain humidity. I have a humidifier in there now, but if I keep it too high, I go through gallons of distilled water in a week. It’s usually 40%, though. There are lots of fans in there, maybe excessive…

My pH really varies, but it’s always below 7. It’s usually 6.5 - 6.8, although somehow it got a little lower this time and was more like between 6 and 6.5. I think I need to get larger trays so I can test the pH coming out. Cookie sheets were too shallow for my pH pen, and the bags take up all the room in the 12" trays I have now.

This isn’t too far out of line with what my daily temperatures are. Mine are around 88 even.

Lowering your PH to this will solve most of your issues. I always shoot for 6. This keeps all of your nutrients available in that range.
Since you’ve adjusted it, most of your issues should be resolved.

Like @Covertgrower said looks like a calcium deficiency. I usually give my plants 5ml of Cal-Mag in a gal of water on just water days.

go to a garden center or big box store and get some trays and risers. I use 15 or 17 inch trays and a 13 inch riser.

are you using a humidifier or a dehumidifier

Hey and welcome!!
If you dont already have one I would get a tds meter. That will tell you how much is going into your plant (by taking a reading before you feed), and how much your plant is taking in (by testing run off). Most here that grow in soil shoot for around 1000. As @Deepsix said you will want to get zome trays and risers. Make sure your risers aren’t wood, as the wood can alter your tds runoff readings. Your “weekly crisis” is not a major problem, very fixable as the others have said. Tds meters come in the cheap versions, or the quality versions(Apera). The choice is yours. Good luck!

Check out squarefarmer on google. He makes 13" square pots with built in risers. Cost effective and deep for runoff. Easy to get in the corners for testing and removing runoff.

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You can grow a 3 ft deficientless plant with just water :). You overwatered your plant and are feeding it carbs which fungi love. You also introduced a bunch of myco fungi. Looks like you have minor Septoria leaf spotting to me. Your leaves are lighter colored and drooping. When you create a great environment for beneficial fungi, remember it’s also good for all fungi. I would just water less, wait for it to tell you it needs it, then repeat for a week then water reg but don’t over water