Day 18 WW looking a bit sickly

Hi all,
After recovering nicely from an early mishap, my 2 first grow babies seem to be struggling again. They are ilgm seeds. Growing under 300w Galaxy Hydro with coco/vermiculite/castings (~10%) blend. Calmag, RO water (ph 6.5), added 1/2 tsp/gal flora bloom when I saw splotches that I tried to visually match to a leaf issue chart. Then added a bit less than 1/8 tsp/gal fish emulsion when it seemed to worsen. No hello. Flushed yesterday with ROH20 with a tiny bit of calmag since it’s in coco. Plan to just use that for a while. Guess I’m making all of my mistakes on these first two feminized seeds. Stressing about lumpectomy earlier today prob not helping. I am not a fan of Percocet.

And yes, I botched my first topping attempt on the taller plant. Left the other alone for a few days more. Thanks for your advice. Wish I could afford Bergman’s Lab.

No bloom nutes only grow.

The only nutes I have are bloom, fish emulsion, and calmag.

If you could fill out a support ticket we would be able to give you a diagnosis. Support ticket is in the FAQs category.

And yea you shouldn’t be using bloom nutrients. They’re for when your plant is blooming/flowering. Hence the name, bloom nutrients.

I think in my first grow, I would try just a good potting soil with perlite. The blend you are using isn’t going to cover all the nutritional needs of the plant, and require you to stress far too much with feeding. Trust me, figuring out proper watering for a plant in a pot is enough to figure out in a first grow.

You are still early in your grow, I would transplant to larger (big enough to complete grow) container, that drains freely, with the best soil you can find quickly. No soils with fertilizer, look for an organic blend. I would mix this with ~ 25% perlite, once again, with no added nutrients. When moving, I would allow loose media in current container to drop free if not incorporated into the root ball, but not try and remove.

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You will need to supplement plant with nutrients later on probably, but you should get through veg phase without much supplement. Just continue to monitor your pH in and out.

Thanks for the advice. I’m growing in coco with about 10-15% worm castings added and 20%ish vermiculite. Reconstituted using ROH20 ph 6.5 with calmag. I will be transplanting to 5 gal cloth pots. Soil not an option this grow because I already have the coco coir. Using a 2x4x5 ft grow tent.

As this is my first grow, I’ve had to invest far more money than I will next time around, so I wanted to use what I already had, like the fish emulsion, to boost the nitrogen in the bloom until I can purchase Fox farm veg solution in my cart. I have a bit of worm castings left in the bag, too.

I wish you the best of luck! Wish I had more to offer on building a custom soil mix. There should be others comment that may be able to help you figure it out. Happy growing!

If you just search the forum you’ll find multiple recipes for making your own “super soil”.

I’m not a soil guy, but I’d trust these guys 100% with whatever they suggest, I’ve seen the pictures of their plants lol!

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