Day 17 Autoflower

17 days in. 3 Blueberry Autoflower 1 Northern Lights Autoflower all seeds from ILGM.

Medium 365 BIOALL on top 365 BIOFLOWER on bottom.

HLG 600w Rspec light

Mars 4x4 tent

Overall as a novice it SEEMS to be going well. Humidity hovers between 50-55% temp usually steady in the 70s got the AC blasting 24/7. I have been keeping the lights on a 24/7 schedule. Some people say 18/6 some say 24/7 who the hell knows. I do know I seem to be watering every other day but today was 2 days in a row as soil on top inch felt dry. One leaf on two of the plants have yellow on jagged edge so hoping that came from transplanting last week. I am making sure PH is good.

Train or not to train? Got soft wire arriving today. It is a first time grow but of course the excitement has me wanting to go all in which I know could f everything up. Also is now the time to train on these girls? Thanks for any advice and tips. I’m not fragile…give it to me straight.


@LIJOE looks good I have a similar setup.

I started an auto with bag seed. So I didn’t know it was an auto. In my second week I noticed flowers and realized it was an auto an put into its own tent and changed lights from a 18/6 to 24/7.

One thing I had wish I had done was to pin down branches to make them go out towards the perimeter of the pot so the buds could get more light and ventilation.

Here is a pic of LST that I will do with my next run.


Definitely train those girls!! I trained mine and im very happy I did, there are several main colas!!


If you’re going to train them, the sooner you get started the better.


So today is day 18. Since I have had the lights on 24/7 for over a week, is it too late to change to an 18/6? I don’t want to hurt them or trigger them. If so I will let them stay on 24/7

I had some clones I have recently done this with and they are now looking really good 4 days later.

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