Day 16 after after planting and no new growth. HELP

Day 16 after planting germinated autoflower seeds and I have no new growth. 3 out of 6 plants have died. I’m not sure what I have done wrong. I’m using Mars hydro tsl2000, 5 gallon fabric pots filled with happy frog, makeshift tent in closet with Mylar sheets covering the room.I have a humidifier running as of a week ago. Light is at half power and 22 inches away from top of pot. The first 3-4 days of the grow the seedlings had explosive growth and grew very tall and lanky but looked healthy. Now, the remaining plants look the same as they were on day 4 , except they started develop a yellow tint on the leaves. I did put 1/3 teaspoon of seedling booster from ILGM in a gallon of water when I did one watering. I bought a cheap Amazon ph meter and according to it, my soil ph is in the high 7 range. My tap water comes from a deep well and i believe it could have high ph. Not sure. Any help would be very appreciated as this is my first ever grow. Also I keep temp in the grow room at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. I just ordered a 2x4 grow tent from Amazon as well as some ph down and a ph test kit.

Also, the pots looks very wet as I had just watered right before photos were taken. I gave them kind of a heavy water to try and wash the soil

I’m a big fan of Happy Frog, fabric pots, MarsHydro and improvised grow areas.

You might just have to write these off. One of my first grows from ILGM was like this and they replaced my seeds (and then some).

At the very least try some new seeds. You can always write it off to practice.

I ph my water to 7ish and my soil stays around 6.5. Your well water may contain higher concentrates of minerals that the plant may not need. I use spring water for my indoor grows and rainwater for outdoors Some people used distilled water, I don’t.

Would you recommend that I ph my water to around 6 every time I get ready to water? Like I said I’m really new to this lol. I do honestly feel like it’s my well water making the plants sick and stunted. I will germinate some new seeds this week and then try the new grow tent and see if there is a difference. Also is my light intensity and height good for seedlings? 50% and 22-24 inches above top of pot

I had the same problem in the beginning I was over watering them. I let them dry out for three days in the sun then gave them a light watering with distilled water and they started taking off. I know you just waters them before the pic but from what happened to me 3 weeks ago looked just like this. From what I have read on this site and many other sites very little water for the first week or so


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

IMO, you are over watering. The girls need wet and dry cycles to fully develop.

I would let them dry out may take some time, depending on how wet. To know if they’re dry and ready for watering, pick up the bag, is it heavy or light (light likes it has just dry soil in it)

I think you can save the girls.

Also, I suggest you start them in solo cups, with make shift drain holes. Easier to control the growth and watering.

Setting them in 5 gallons will slow down growth, since the roots need to get settled.

Happy growing!


If you go with solo cups pay close attention to your plants find out when to transplant them you can get root bound really fast! Keep posting pictures of them on here and people will help you out

Greetings new friend,

To give the standard preface, this is my experience only and may not be applicable to your situation. There are many experienced growers that will chime in and provide you with their seasoned advice.

One suggestion is if you have a pH meter google soil slurry to check the pH of you growing medium. If you don’t have a pH meter invest in a decent one (Apera is a good brand) and a ppm meter. Check your feed water and your runoff water. High feed water or soil pH can lockout the goodies your babies need. I have experienced high pH twice and then mixed up feed water around 6.3 and watered the plants. I checked the runoff pH and flushed until it was < 7.

I am sure those with more experience will respond.

In the meantime fill out a grow ticket which will aid everyone in understanding your grow situation.

Best wishes to you!

Spudweed, from what i have read, you should vary your PH anywhere between 6 and 7 to cover the entire nute spectrum. I know calcium can’t be absorbed below 6.2. You also should have your humidity around 70% for a seedling. They don’t drink thru their roots at this point, they pull water out of the air with their leaves. I think you may be over watering them. If your plants sprout under the light at the right distance, they won’t get tall and lanky, but fat and short. You need to make sure your ph pen is calibrated correctly also just to make sure.

I agree with janeqp…apera ph20 is a good ph pen, if you buy the kit…its 50$…a must have. I believe it is a ph issue/overwatering. Best of luck

Thank you all, I will let them dry out for a few days and then post results. I just dropped two new seeds in water today as well. Im going to try these two in a mix of 40% happy frog 40% ocean Forest and 20% perlite and see if it makes a difference