Day 15 “Gaia” blueberry & Big Devil

ok, i just water it with half gallon of ph balance water for now, just to keep it alive before i get a bigger pot for it and btw, this is the run off i collected from it with a ph of 6.1 ! image|375x500

Yeah you want 5 gallon pot
Did you tds check the run off?

6.1 is fine for run off keep watering at 6.5

this is mine right now, its a Blueberry big devil auto, i bought the half gallon kit from Pot for pot and its at its 19 day, @SKORPION recommended me to transfer it to a 3 gallon pot, i also have Fox farm organic soil , coco and other good stuff from fox farm, would you agree with @SKORPION ?:thinking: and btw…I got more seeds to go, just in case of a rainy day, u know, lol

so, lets say, can i water it on tuesday again with another half gallon of water with ph 6.5, right and then get a bigger pot to transfer it. Now, question…to mix Soil with coco to transfer the plant, what amount of each do you recommend to put? any idea? or tips please :smiley:

75 percent soil 25 percent Coco many use this mix others prefer something like perilite instead of Coco but since you got Coco use that.

will do, thanks a lot, i will be uploading pics as soon as i get everything going! :star::star::star::star::star:

wait, do i mix the two together or i put the soil first in the pot and then the coco?

Mix well you don’t want to get pockets of no nutes which you will in a big clump of Coco.

I woildnt recommend starting in those small fabric pots what you will find is your roots grow into the fabric. Start in plastic and pot up till final pot.

You can use any mix, perlite or vermiculite is ideal because it prevents compaction and cannabis likes airey soil so 30% of your mix should be this at the very least. Vermiculite holds mosture so not advisable for soil in my opinion.

What type of coco do you have?

I agree with @SKORPION a mix of mostly soil with a bit of coco is good but always add perlite to soil so the mix is 30% perlite.

If it was me I would use the soil in my garden, mix coco with 30% perlite and make a solo cup full of it then fill the 3 gallon pot.
Soak a seed in a mix of peroxide & water for 20hr followed by placing it in a Tupperware with a damp paper towel until It got a tail.
I would toss this in a solo cup and have a backup plan because your plant is alive but keeps looking droopy are you over watering it? Let it dry out not sure why your plant is always droopy take pictures mid day not just as lights come on right.

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Thx @Nicky

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thanks a lot for taking all this time to write all of these down, i
appreciate it very much same as @skorpion. Some times i feel like starting
the process all over again instead of trying to fix something that doesn’t
show any difference. Everything was going well until i transfer Jiffy
pellet with seedling 8 days after taking it out of dome, the plant looked
well, but i was dump enough to re water the Pot for Pot pot with nutrient
such as big bloom and Calmag because it was dry forgetting that the pot
already had nuts in, thats when i started seeing so much change in my
plant. Should i go ahead and re start another baby plant? what do you guys
think? On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 3:01 PM SKORPION via I Love Growing
Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

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I always am starting something new, aside from the 12 plants I got going I started soaking a girl scout cookie , and a blueberry cookie this morning. Then I got to move my entire operation to a new location because I was selected to host thanksgiving and I need my spare room for guests lucky me

12 plants??? lol. I would if i had the space but i’m doing it in my bedroom and thats all the space i have lol and Wow, it sucks you gotta move all that for thanksgiving but worth it. I will keep in touch and let you guys know how it is going with my plant or if i decide to start another one from scratch. :call_me_hand:t2:


Yeah I have room for 5 inside right now I could do 8 but I don’t know how people do more than thst and still have a life lol and go to work or away for long weekends

If i get all stressed out with just one :sweat_smile:, i can’t imagine you guys having all that! Amazing

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Well I have a much more automated system and I’m sorta in the grove, it’s rare now I need to ask for help on what’s going on. Makes it OT less stressful. Don’t worry I was stressed and put so much heart and sole into 2 ant grows for my share of time to.

This summer I had 10 going it was great


nice, well, it gives me hope, I wanna get a lot of knowledge from this and being able to do it myself. I finally put my plant to rest, it wasn’t doing as well as i thought it will but, i already put another seed in water to start a brand new journey. I hope to stay in contact w you guys, you help me a lot @Nicky @SKORPION :call_me_hand:t2::star::star::star::star::star:

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