Day 15 “Gaia” blueberry & Big Devil

wow, they look beautiful :star_struck: great job! hopefully mine will look as healthy as yours!

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Give it a min to recover and you will be fine. Because you want to get here this one is about done.

im sorry but, whats your tent size, i would like to have one for at least two plants, yours look small and convenient. :call_me_hand:t2:

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2x4 I have two one is 5 foot high the other is 6 foot. So I veg then get another foot in flower.

Light height?

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Also what kind I can tell its a blurple?

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Did you get a tds run off from your water sample? Your plant looks hungry it’s to light of color.
I think your in soil? That tiny pot may have been flushed out of nutrients.

@SKORPION is giving solid advice as always


a foot away :nerd_face:

im sorry, i forgot about testing it, but do you really think it already need nutrients? i flush it five days ago due to mild yellowing in some leafs i waited five days and she seems a lil sad, i gotta water her tomorrow friday already, so what do you guys think i should do, water with nuts or just plain ph balance water @SKORPION any suggestions?

Remind me how old are they?

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19 days :pensive:

What size pot? Because if it’s less than 3 gallon it may be better to go ahead and repot and add fresh soil. The fresh soil will provide the necessary nutrients

well, im using the half gallon from the brand pot for pot and the ingredients it came with… thats where im growing that one but i also have a brand new one gallon fabric pot, a whole bag of fox farm organic soil, coco, big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom, calMag… I’m very serious in getting into this, i want to learn well, what do you recommend me to do?

@Nicky hey man you ever deal with pot for pot stuff need a hand here.

I would say you need to pot up even if you gotta use the fox farm to do it your never really gonna get any real growth in that small pot and if you got a gallon I guess you can use it but I think a 3 gallon would be better. I can’t understand why they have so little to work with on that pot for pot.

did i mention i’m growing autoflower seeds, right, i don’t know if that makes any difference? but im gonna go ahead and get me some 3 gallon pots and follow as you say! :smiley:

Yeah it does autos don’t do well with multiple transplants so a 3 will work all the way thru.

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thanks for the info, i will order me some 3 gallon pots asap!

@MattyBear has

so, i have it in a half gallon pot for pot “pot” should i transfer it to a 3 gallon pot with new fox farm soil, maybe that pot is too small like @SKORPION said, what do u think, man?