Day 15 flower. Thoughts Peeps 😎


Here is my girls. After there major defoliation on one of them and most fan leaves on others. Looks ok to me. Still not ya big outdoor buds.

What’s ya thoughts peeps? :sunglasses:


Looks pretty good :smile:
I do see very light colors, almost yellow in some places, but that could be the lamp, and a bad pik. Meaning you may need to up your PPM level a bit.


Hey latewood. Yeah just a bad pic. I have got my PH pretty stable. Although I still can’t keep it at 5.7 it wants to sit at 6.1. That’s fine with me although 5.7 would be better. My ppm is 1440. Which is 2.0 EC. I had some make flowers come up on the front too. I pretty much stripped half the plant. Hope they are safe now.


It’s the light as well making them look yellow.