Day 15- First timer, how am I doing?

How am I doing? First time grower. Day 15. Some spots on bottom leaves, anything to be alarmed by? Trying so hard not to overwater but every time I check him the fan is almost blowing the dry soil off. Gave him his first nutes today. ILGM Bergman’s seedling fertilizer N-P-K = 11-40-13 at 1/2 strength, 500mL of 6.2 pH water with 5.8pH runoff. Would love any advice you have. :pray:t3:

• Strain and Seed bank: Jack Herer Auto from ILGM 08/2021
• Method: Soil from A Pot for Pot kit
• Vessels: 1/2 gallon fabric pot
• PH of Water Solution and Runoff: 6.2 and 5.8
• TDS and EC of runoff: 1671 ppm and 3342 us/cm
• Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
• Light system: LED Bloom Plus BP2500
• Temps: Day- 80.0° Night- 79.2°
• Humidity: 73%
• Ventilation system: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 Inline Duct Fan
• Humidifier: LEVOIT Humidifier 6L Top Fill Cool Mist Air Ultrasonic


Can’t think of anything to add to your checklist except, maybe a root stimulant to kick start your plants.

That plus Subculture B for prolonged maintenance of your root system.

SubCulture-B is a bacterial root inoculant that’s packed with beneficial microorganisms. The supplement works to increase vitality and yield in all plants.

The bacteria in SubCulture-B are cultured in a highly salt-tolerant environment, so they work well with mineral-based nutrients (a vital part of coco systems in particular). The strains maintain symbiotic relationships with plants and strengthen the soil-food web that gives plants their solid foundation.

In addition, these bacteria allow plants to ingest nitrogen, carbon compounds and sulfur, and turn those essential components into key compounds for growth.

Steadier Growth
Beneficial bacteria help recycle nutrients back to the plants. Without these nutrients, plants would have a much harder time trying to access certain minerals and compounds.

SubCulture-B has the ability to sequester and absorb these elements so plants can use them more easily. This results in a steadier rate of growth as well as more buffered pH levels in the soil.

Our cutting-edge root inoculant can be dusted on roots during transplants to increase plant immunity, reduce the stress of transition and strengthen root growth for more predictable growing.

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Still to young for nutrients it looks like u have nutrient burn on Ur leaves ,how nutrients are u giving them

This photo was taken before any nutes were ever given.

That soil from A Pot for Pot is a super soil that they claim needs no additional nutes from seed to harvest. To my blurry old eyes, and your comments about the fan blowing the soil around, I see some wind burn going on with that one. Doesn’t really look like nutrient burn, that would more likely show first as burnt leaf tips

Nice picture I need to work on mine

I’m not going to be nice just for the sake of being nice I’d rather give you honest feedback even if it seems rude it will make you a better grower that’s how I would want to be treated so I can get better.

Your plant is not looking good at all

Your night time temps and day time temps are a one degree difference why is that? You should have 5 to 10 degree drops from day and night.

Humidity is off the charts in the 70s way to high your plants not a seedling and its drooping cause there’s so much water in the leaves cause it’s drawing from the air plus when you water it’s drawing water from the roots it’s a double whammy and its causing the drooping. Overwatered

The brown stuff is probably septorias developing which is a fungus that you have created the perfect environment for. Your temps are in the 80s day and night with 70 rh is a recipe for fungus bacteria etc.

I hope you have fans one above and below canopy to help air flow and fight this.

Your so looks rough no idea what that is

If I was you I would rip up the plant take a week to research and ask questions on here from highly competent growers and start over.

You could continue the grow as it would probably be a huge learning experience cause your going to encounter so many problems but end results will probably be sub par and your time growing will be very stressful.

Once again not trying to be a dick as I’m no top notch grower not even close only have a few harvest on my belt and double question everything ask the most dumb questions on here to learn but I’m also not gonna let you think that that plant is normal for 2 weeks.

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@EMTCPR3 I def appreciate the honesty since this is my first grow. Would really love to course correct and flip this if you think still possible. I just lowered my humidity 15%. I previously wasn’t able to get my tent to cool down during lights off, thus the minimal degree difference. Any suggestions. I’m in SW US so we just barely came out of the 100+ days so that may help. The leaves don’t look as droopy today I think. Should I be worried about topping soon? Any help is appreciated.

They look a bit better. It would be better for you to take advice from a more qualified grower perhaps a moderator on here. But I wouldn’t top this plant since it’s struggling I top all of my autos if they are healthy and growing fast but this would be a case where I wouldn’t at least not yet. As for the plants bouncing back yea big time your plant can easily bounce back. I just harvested a plant that had caterpillars eating the leaves so I sprayed it with organic insecticide it burned nearly half of my leaves off cause I over applicated so I had to do a extreme defoilation pretty much no leaves to power the plant then I had a mouse eat half of it’s main stem. It lived and produced bud but no doubt it’s going to be trash from all the stress.

The shit tastic one on the right lol

Good luck on your grow.

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