Day 14 update! First Grow

The girls are officially 2 weeks old.
They just got water today just plain pH 6.0 water.

Im really hoping they are not stunted because growth doesn’t seem to be as fast as it was before transplant.

Gonna give a couple more days and see if they start exploding again like before.


They just need time to recover from transplant sometimes. Takes a lot of care or using extra sprays and crap to avoid that. My last one was the first time I got one to act like nothing happened, I’m a minimalist, so it was just that I got it at the perfect time. Was mostly dry but still damp. Turned it upside down and barely squeezed in two spots, fell right in my hand. Was a little early tho.

I used 3inch sqaure planters and i could of went a few more days I am going to post pics of the last one I have to transplant I’m letting it go for a 2 more days and then gonna check the roots.

All the roots on the other transplant were so white and clean. I used Great White once during feeding while they were 3 days after sprout.

Also all my transplants got great white dusting at transplant sites. Really think it made a difference.

Looking great!

When u transplant did u sprinle great white in the transplant hole and a bit on the root ball. It helps massive also and the roots love it. They will be crazy roots if u use great white in hole and on roots also. I just add a bit to waterings here or tgere. Great white is awesome stuff also. Here is my plants going into final 7 gal pots from half litre pots or so

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Tribus roots


I do use tribus also but not alot like i should tho. How often and when do u add at what stages???

Just bought a litre if tribus and got a small bottle of lumina with. How and when should i add the lumina if u know about it @dbrn32

I use 1ml/gallon and apply 3-4 days in veg or with transplant. Drop to once per week in flower.


Those are some crazy looking roots. It’s safe to have that much of a build up of them like that in your planter? What about them being root bound?

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That was intermediate pot used between starting in a solo cup and moving to 3 gallon fabric to flower in. They were only in that pot for about 2.5 weeks. Plant was 100% healthy before, during, and after.

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Do you feel like it made a noticeable difference in the end result?

Using tribus original? Absolutely! I think great white is a good product, as well I’m sure there others. But results with tribus have been outstanding.


:+1: is that in soil or soilless?

I grow weed in coco, but use it with vegetables in soil too.