Day 14 sour Apple Autos

3 on the left are sour apple autos from humboldt and staying where they are. 3 on the right are jack herer fem photo and going outside. I know I don’t need the side lights on, I turned them on for the pic.


They look happy and healthy. :grin:

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Looking good ! :+1:

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Nice crop looks awesome

Everybody looks happy to be under your care.


Day 19


@Alexander.The.Great Great job! Notice the leaves are praying to the light? That’s what you want to see! That means your environment is dialed in! The environment isn’t just a piece of the puzzle, it is the puzzle. Great job my friend!
You gotta be around 27 now and going through stretch, I’d love to see an update and I’m sure others would too!

4/24 day 27 3 on the left are the autos


Day 35 started to flower


Looking really really good man!! Nows a good time to start pulling back on the nitrogen.
Look at those big leaves!! Gorgeous.
Good even canopy, hard to believe you have two sativa strains (Jack herer)
I ran it about a year ago, very happy with it. Keep me updated!! I’m excited for you!

I haven’t fed these f’ers in 2 weeks. I was giving them 1.5-2ml/gal of fox grow big originally.

The three Olga jack photos in there in the small pots are loving life. They’re younger and going outside though.

Two weeks? Wow. Do you have flowering nutrients?

Yes, haven’t given them squat. That claw that’s getting worse is worrying me and they’re not showing any nutrient lacking that I see. Am I not seeing something?

@Alexander.The.Great No no I don’t see any deficiencies.
I made that comment because as the plant transitions into early flower and mid flower the needs of the plant with change.
I was wondering if you had a nutrient geared more towards flower?

I do, I have the fox 3 part liquids and a botanicare bloom that’s 1-4-5

The botanicare also has a 1% calcium content not found in the fox

Current, would have to go back and count which day/ week.

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Did some pruning on the autos today, salad for dinner tonight.

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That looks amazing man!! Keep do whatever you’re doing!